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Updated Spartan Safe Snack List for PVCSD Elementary Schools

Posted June 27th, 2018

The Pleasant Valley School Community makes student health and wellness a top priority! In addition to maintaining high standards for providing safe and healthy lunches, we believe that snacks consumed at school also impact good nutrition and the development of lifelong healthy eating habits. As a result, we have been collaborating on exciting changes to the Spartan Safe Snack List for the 2018-19 school year.

In addition to our commitment to snacks that are nut-free, we have adjusted our snack list to better align with the USDA Smart Snack Standards. Below you will find the list of food and beverages that may be shared in the classroom along with frequently asked questions and answers. Click here to access the list in a separate tab.  This list will be enforced at all elementary schools starting next fall.

Thank you for joining us in making our schools the healthiest they can be so students can do their best work.

Please contact the district or your school nurse if you have questions or feedback.  To learn more about the USDA Smart Snack Standards, click here.

PVCSD Fees by Building

Posted June 27th, 2018

Find out more about fees due for each PVCSD school by clicking here! 



6th Grade Track and Field Day Fun

Posted May 29th, 2018

The Annual PV 6th Grade Track and Field Day was last week and it was a major success! All 6th Graders were brought to PVHS and broken into four different teams: Green, Red, White, and Blue. Individuals from each team competed in running events and a variety of field events, such as high jump, limbo, and many others.
Track and Field day is full of fun and competition, but is also a way to introduce all the 6th graders before they head to Junior High in the Fall to make one big class! We are excited for you to head to 7th grade Class of 2024!
Visiting Authors Sarah Weeks and April Henry Make Stops at PV Schools

Posted May 22nd, 2018

The PVCSD had the fantastic opportunity to host the amazing author Sarah Weeks as our elementary visiting author this spring!

During her visit, Sarah spent time at each elementary school talking with our students, reading with them, and answering their many questions. Ms. Weeks formally began her career by writing songs for Sesame Street, but she wrote her first story when she was just 5 years old! As she had conversations with students, Ms. Weeks discussed her inspiration, her research process, her love of Dr. Seuss books, and taught about her writing process. We are so appreciative of Sarah Weeks visit, so let’s give her a big #SpartanNation THANK YOU for taking time out of her busy schedule to inspire and encourage creativity in PV students!

We also want to thank all 5 PV Elementary PTAs for their sponsorship of this visit and for all their work in making it a success! Thank you staff and librarians for making Ms. Weeks feel welcomed and for making it such a fun thing for PV students!

In addition to the elementary school visiting author, PVJH had the incredible opportunity to have New York Times Best Selling Author April Henry come for a visit!

April spent her day speaking to groups of junior highers, telling them all about her journey to becoming a best selling author. Students were able to get books signed by April, and some were even awarded a special lunch in the library with her! April’s biggest piece of advice for these students was to never give up, even when it feels like you might never succeed.

We would like to give a huge thank you to April for taking time to visit PVJH and encourage their creativity! Thank you also to PVJH Librarian Anita Roche for organizing such a fantastic day!

Hopewell Kindergartners Get Visit from Question Detectives

Posted April 11th, 2018

It was time to launch a new lesson for Kindergartners at Hopewell last Friday! The focus of the launch was around finding key details in a text, and how to do so!

This has proven to be a really hard standard in kindergarten because they have a hard time asking powerful questions about these key details. For the launch, Hopewell Kindergarten teachers told all of Kindergarten they were going to library to hear a Sarah Weeks (PV visiting author) book prior to her visit next week. When they got there, our librarian Mrs. Bachtel, couldn’t find the book! The teachers then came out dressed as Question Detectives and used powerful questions to help the students solve the mystery of the missing book.

This lesson was used to help channel the focus for the remainder of the school year on practicing what powerful questions are, and how they make you better readers. Great job challenging young minds Hopewell Kindergarten!

4th Grade STEM Night Success

Posted March 27th, 2018

Last Friday night, 16 teams of eight students each participated in the annual 4th Grade STEM Night out at Cody! STEM Night is an opportunity for 4th grade students across the district to complete three STEM activities with their team. Those activities included building a bridge of spaghetti noodles, building a skyscraper with 10 sheets of copy paper, and building a unique, functional paper airplane. Outside of those activities, students had to learn how to make their team work well together in just the hour and 15 minute time limit! All teams were fantastic and really showed off their STEM skills!

Check out these awesome kids from the evening! Thanks to all who contributed photos, and to the PV Science Educators who organized this great event!


Posted February 26th, 2018

Look out Weather Channel, we’ve got some future meteorologists ready for the big leagues here at Hopewell Elementary! To wrap up their recent weather unit, the 2nd graders in Mrs. Buzzell’s class got to record their own weather segment using the app Touchcast. Each student made a forecast for the week, and recorded their presentation in front of the green screen. During their unit, the 2nd graders learned all about weather patterns, clouds, and the science behind the weather we get here in the Midwest.

Great job future weathermen and weatherwomen!


Posted February 13th, 2018

Check out the fun box creations from the 5th graders at Hopewell as they complete their clay unit! These cube formations were built within one class period and students were allowed to come in early, stay late, and even work on their projects during recess!


Posted February 13th, 2018


PVCSD and the United Way of the Quad Cities Area are working hard to encourage students and families to Strive for Less Than Five! Missing school can negatively effect a student’s progress in the classroom, so we need YOUR help in our efforts to get kids to strive for less than five days absent.

The winter months make this tricky, as illness are spread and poor weather can cause travel issues. Keeping your child home when they are ill is extremely important to both their health and the health of those surrounding them. But when your child is healthy, check out the five tips for missing less school in the second photo, provided by the United Way.

Thank you for helping us improve school attendance, and for giving our students the opportunity to have the best education possible! For more information about Challenge 5, visit







Posted December 8th, 2017

Lessons throughout the school day are always more fun when you have some special guests! On December 7th, Hopewell 2nd graders learned about comparing and contrasting by playing a game with some help from their guests – Miss Hamburger, Miss French Fry, and Mr. and Mrs. Pizza!
Students had to ring the bell after hearing each guest’s description, and identify a similarity or difference between the two. Great job, second grade teachers, in showing your students how comparing and contrasting is done on a daily basis and on making such a fun, interactive lesson!

Posted December 5th, 2017

Hopewell held their Polar Express themed Winter Program on Friday, December 1st in front of a packed house at 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.!

The program featured various renditions of tunes from the Polar Express, and many train themed songs.  It started off with a bang as the 6th grade band performed the Polar Express theme, followed by each grade level getting their time to shine on stage.

The following people deserve a big round of applause for all their hard to work to put this great concert together: Jennifer Zeglis – Band Director, Catharine Casey – Music and Choir Director, and Deborah D’Camp – Accompanist!  Well done performers and organizers!



Posted November 20th, 2017

On Sunday, November 19th, over 100 PV students gathered at Riverdale Heights Elementary for the Robotics Showcase! This showcase is part of the PVHS Robotics team outreach to younger students to promote robotics and other aspects of STEM. Students from Cody, Riverdale Heights, PVJH, and PVHS were involved in the showcase.
Sunday was all about the younger students showing the work they’ve done up to this point, and giving them an opportunity to see what’s coming for them at the next level! The teams take time to learn about robotics and the different aspects building a functioning robot, but they also learn many lessons in teamwork, collaboration, and adaptability.
After the showcase, there was a Robotics themed carnival with concessions and other activities, like noodle and marshmallow model building and a paper bridge building competition. A big round of applause to all the students who participated, Spartan Nation can’t wait to see what you keep accomplishing in the Robotics world!

Posted November 3rd, 2017

On Friday afternoon at Hopewell, a transformation happened in the second grade classrooms.  Books were set out, surgical masks, gloves, and shoe covers were ready to be worn, and “Operating Room” signs were hung outside each door.   It was time for the second graders to become “doctors” and to step into “surgery!”

The last week has been filled with information on non-fiction text features, and their teachers wanted to put that knowledge to the test.  To do so, they had their young doctors perform “surgery” on different non-fiction pieces of writing.  Each surgical team had to cut out the varying text features from the articles and glue them in their correct spot, where they would then explain why each feature was correct.  Fun was had by both the “surgeons” and “head nurses” (teachers) alike!

Hopewell Fall Conference Scheduling

Posted October 20th, 2017

Hopewell Families,

Hopewell Elementary will utilize an online conference schedule system for our fall conferences. In addition, we will hold a traditional conference night on Thursday, November 9th, and provide a range of additional conference times between November 6th and November 17th. The process allows families to choose from a variety of dates and times to meet with the classroom teacher.

To sign up for a conference, please visit and follow the on screen instructions. If you would like to review the process prior to visiting the site, a pdf of the process can be viewed here.

As you complete the scheduling process you will receive a confirmation email of your date(s) scheduled. The information in this email contains the “Access Link” that when selected will send you back to the online scheduler allowing you to make changes to your conference time. It is important not to delete the email from

The window for scheduling conferences and making conference changes is October 20th through November 3rd. At 4:00pm on November 3rd the window will close.

In the case that you are experiencing difficulty with this program, please contact your classroom teacher or the Hopewell office. We would be glad to help.


Mr. Welch, Principal

Deep Thinking about Simple Triangles

Posted October 2nd, 2017

Pleasant Valley teachers challenge students to be deep thinkers, no matter the age.  In Mrs. Groves Kindergarten class, students worked together to come up with the definition of a triangle.  Looking at different diagrams, students practiced private reasoning time (thinking quietly) to determine if they were, in fact, triangles.  Some had curved edges; some were missing chunks.  First, they took a moment to think, and then they discussed their ideas with their elbow partners.  Getting students to come up with ideas and then share them is all a par

t of becoming a good problem solver!

Working Together to Share Learning

Posted October 2nd, 2017

2nd graders at Hopewell are working together to teach each other about a new app that lets them share their work and collaborate.  It’s called SeeSaw.  Think of it as a social network for a classroom; students post their work and ask for feedback from their classmates.

Mrs. Sopher’s class has already learned how to use SeeSaw, so they taught Mrs. Buzzell’s class the ins and outs.  Students were thrilled to take pictures of each other and post them to their new classroom site.  They’re also excited that this will allow them to keep a log of their work over the year, so they can see how they’ve grown.

Wall of Honor Nominations

Posted September 5th, 2017

Wall of Honor Nominations are being accepted through October 13, 2017.

The Wall of Honor Program was established in 1999 to recognize distinguished alumni who have graduated from Pleasant Valley High School.

Nominees must have graduated 10 years or more prior to induction and must meet the following criteria:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Outstanding success in their career
  • Made a significant contribution to the community or society
  • Demonstrated significant accomplishments in business or professional life
  • Distinguished human service

Persons wishing to submit a name for consideration as a Wall of Honor honoree must send a letter of nomination to:

Mr. D. Michael Zimmer, Principal
Pleasant Valley Community High School
604 Belmont Road
Bettendorf, IA 52722

Click here for the nomination form.

Strive for Less than 5 Days Absent

Posted August 25th, 2017

This year, the Pleasant Valley Community School District is teaming up with school districts across the Quad Cities and the United Way to increase attendance.  We encourage you to watch the one minute video below about the mission and importance of having students at school every day.

Thank you for making Challenge 5 Day a success! Working with the United Way, the Arconic Foundation, and schools across the Quad Cities, we beat attendance goals. 96.1% of students in the Quad Cities attended school on Wednesday, August 30, 2017. The daily average last year was 90.3%.

A special thank you to staff and volunteers for welcoming our students to school! Pleasant Valley will continue to highlight the importance of attendance, and we hope you will, too.

Studies show that fewer than 5 absences in a year keeps learning on track. More than 5 absences each school year, beginning in kindergarten, increases the risk of dropping out, and decreases the chance of graduating from high school. If a child misses up to five days of school, he or she can probably make up what he or she misses. However, a child missing 9 days of school is in the danger zone, and students missing 18 or more days are considered chronically absent.

Absenteeism is a real problem in the Quad Cities. Last year 19,811 students (out of 50,326) missed 9 days or more, or 39.4% of students.

These statistics point to the reasons why attending school every day is so important.

•    More than 8 in 10 chronically absent kindergartners and first graders will not read at grade level by the end of third grade.
•    Students not reading proficiently by third grade are 4 times more likely to not graduate high school.
•    3 out of 4 chronically absent sixth graders will never graduate high school.
•    Plus, the habit of regular attendance is important for earning a college degree and keeping a job.

The Challenge 5 initiative seeks community support to help ensure kids get to school every day. Here are five easy tips for parents.

1.    Set a regular bedtime.
2.    Prep clothes and backpacks the night before.
3.    Only keep children home if they are truly sick.
4.    Have a back-up plan for getting to school.
5.    Avoid scheduling doctor’s appointments and trips during school hours.

For more information about Challenge 5, visit


First Day of School at Hopewell

Posted August 25th, 2017

What a beautiful day to start school!  We’re so glad you’re here!  Check out the pictures below from Wednesday, August 23, 2017.

Meet and Greet: Ready for School!

Posted August 22nd, 2017

Thousands of students across the PV District headed to school a bit early on August 21, 2017.  Students and families unpacked their backpacks at the annual Meet and Greet.  Smiles all around as students get excited for the new year.  Click on the gallery for the fun at Pleasant View and Cody Elementaries.


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