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Annual PVEF Golf Benefit

Posted April 10th, 2018

The annual Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation golf outing is rapidly approaching!  Mark your calendars for Monday, April 30, at Palmer Hills Golf Course and participate in the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation’s premier fundraiser.  The Foundation has awarded more than $700,000 in scholarships since 1991.  This year, the Foundation will give over 90 scholarships to graduating PVHS seniors.

We want you to participate in the fun! To golf, be a hole sponsor or donate a prize, fill out the below form and email to or mail to Hannah Thomsen at 525 Belmont Road Bettendorf, IA 52722.  See you on the 30th!

** POST EDIT: As of 4/24/18, the Golf Benefit is FULL and will not be able to accommodate any more golfers.  We can still take on more hole sponsors at this time!**

Click here to download the event brochure and registration paperwork.

Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation Holds Golf Benefit on April 24

Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation Awards 79 Scholarships

Posted May 12th, 2017

When the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation started 25 years ago, just two students received a scholarship – one boy and one girl were each awarded $500.  A lot has changed during the quarter of century.  On May 10, 2017, the PVEF awarded scholarships to 79 Pleasant Valley High School seniors, totaling nearly $85,000.

“This is a celebration of the 79 seniors, but also of the people who elected to invest their resources in the development of our future young leaders,”  PVEF President Dave Borcherding said.  “As with any investment, these generous donors are expecting a return on that investment. Your return to them is dedicating yourself to lifelong learning and using that learning to find the opportunities for which you are destined to provide the solutions.”

During the ceremony, families honored their loved ones, businesses thanked the community and all sent the message that PV supports its students now and will into the future.

“You know we’re proud of you,” Superintendent Dr. Jim Spelhaug said. “We also have expectations for you.  One of the reasons we award these scholarships is to remind you that it isn’t on your own that you’ve gotten to where you are.  Faculty, family and the community have stood beside you.  Our expectation is that you will go out into the world and stand beside someone else who needs it.”

Pleasant Valley Community School District believes in the best educational experience “not for some kids, but for all kids,” and the Foundation’s scholarship program represents that belief.  Scholarship recipients represent the entire 2017 class.  While some scholarships are awarded to top level students, scholarships are also awarded for character and work ethic.  Most awardees are students with a drive to succeed with a wide range interests from medicine to music to mechanics.

One of the presenters, Dr. Radhika Kolla, spoke of her mother-in-law and why her family chose to honor her with a scholarship.  Hashmat Siddiqui grew up during India’s independence from the British Empire.  Millions were uprooted from their homes, including Hashmat.  However, she was determined to get an education even though many girls stayed home from school fearing for their safety.  Hashmat went on to earn a Masters in Geography and Islamic studies and became an educator.  Dr. Kolla said her mother-in-law’s determination is inspiring and emphasized the need for diverse ways of thinking.  (Read the stories behind every scholarship at

The PVEF raises funds through a golf outing in April, the road race Run with Carl in September, and through dozens of families and businesses who’ve chosen to endow scholarships.  If you are interested in learning more about the PVEF, please contact Secretary Beth Marsoun at

The full list of scholarship winners is below our picture gallery.


Arconic Science Achievement Scholarship                                                                                   Emily Suen

Ann & Rainsford Brown, Jr. Memorial Scholarship                                                                   Jerry Pendleton

Bettendorf Hy-Vee Citizenship Scholarship                                                                                Kelsey Borbeck

Bettendorf Rotary: Chuck Mooney/William Stradt/Rich & Dee James Scholarship         Lillian Jones

Bettendorf Rotary: Chuck Mooney/William Stradt/Rich & Dee James Scholarship         Elizabeth Zupancic

PV/Bettendorf Baseball Participation Scholarship                                                                    Michael Tappa

Bill & Ellen Stradt Family Scholarship                                                                                         Alexis Cordts

Brett Greenwood “Total Effort” Scholarship                                                                               Addie Swanson

Bridgeview Elementary Achievement Scholarship                                                                    Danielle Henricksen

Carl D. Schillig Memorial Scholarship                                                                                          Kaitlyn Evans

Carolyn & Joseph Martin Family Scholarship                                                                            Reagan Putnam

Christine Harvey True Blue Scholarship                                                                                      Sally Walker

Chuck Murphy Spartan Spirit Scholarship                                                                                  Rachel Tebbe

Cody Elementary Achievement Scholarship                                                                               Dylan Hartford

Coe Noack Memorial Scholarship                                                                                                 Abigail Reese

Crystal Neuhaus Memorial Scholarship                                                                                      Claire Park

Cyndy Behrer Leadership Scholarship                                                                                         Vincent Gnad

Dale Barber “True Grit” Scholarship                                                                                            Michael Showers

David J. Ramnath Memorial Scholarship                                                                                   Emily Nutt

Deborah R. Menke Leadership Scholarship                                                                               Jarrin Flores

Dr. Vijay Rajendran Family Scholarship                                                                                     Emily Bruinsma

English Department Achievement Scholarship                                                                        Julia Said

Evelyn Lehman iHope Scholarship                                                                                              Teleah Thomas

Family & Consumer Sciences Achievement Scholarship                                                         Emma Hartman

Hashmat Siddiqui & Manazir Family Scholarship                                                                    Austin Stickel

Andrew Green Memorial Scholarship                                                                                         Ellie Kurth

Fred & Maxine Green Family Scholarship                                                                                 Andrew Wendel

James D. Morrison Memorial Scholarship                                                                                Patrick McMonagle

Jana S. Witte Memorial Band Scholarship                                                                                Ian Aplington

Jana S. Witte Memorial Orchestra Scholarship                                                                        Harrison Qu

Jana S. Witte Memorial Vocal Music Scholarship                                                                    Megan Maloney

Janet E. Keady Memorial Scholarship                                                                                        Mark Conway

Jeffrey J. Donahue Memorial Scholarship                                                                                 Damandeep Riat

Jeffrey J. Donahue Memorial Scholarship                                                                                 Terry Saul

Jeremy “Red” Scannell Memorial Scholarship                                                                          Austin Kress

Jon Allbee Memorial Scholarship                                                                                                Sarah Meyers

John P. Bowe Memorial Scholarship                                                                                          Millenama Prasai

Joe & Sue Kaesbauer Memorial Scholarship                                                                            Cameron Trentz

Joshua D. Fullmer Memorial Scholarship                                                                                 Zachary Pilger

Kathryn Ludwig Humanitarian Scholarship                                                                             Anna Grace Molinari

LeClaire Lions Club Service Scholarship                                                                                    Rachel Rector

LeClaire Manufacturing Achievement Scholarship                                                                 McClain Acri

Lindsay Suhl Memorial Scholarship                                                                                            Cecily Clark

Marilyn M. & Burton C. Gearhart Family Scholarship                                                            Ryan Thompson

Math Department Achievement Scholarship                                                                            Samuel Lederman

Merrit Parsons Memorial Scholarship                                                                                        Matthew Nelson

Merrit & Dorothy Parsons Family Scholarship                                                                         Ebteehal Ismail

ORA Orthopedics Musculoskeletal Health Scholarship                                                          Jared Allbee

Paul N. Lensmeyer Memorial Scholarship                                                                                 Carrie Peterson

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company Scholarship                                                                                Rachel Barber

Performing and Visual Arts Achievement Scholarship                                                          Catherine Byrne

Philip A. Czachowski Memorial Scholarship                                                                             Keeli Richards

Pleasant View Elementary Achievement Scholarship                                                             Alexander Wong

PTA Character Counts Scholarship                                                                                             Marie DeLessio

Pleasant Valley Education Association Scholarship                                                                Grace Wilson

Quad City Telugu Sangham Scholarship                                                                                    Aditya Subramaniam

R Hovey Tinsman, Jr. Memorial Scholarship                                                                           Christian Jones

Ralph & Marjorie VenHorst Family Scholarship                                                                      Megan Hackney

Rao Chitneni Memorial Scholarship                                                                                           Laura Butler

Riverdale Heights Elementary Achievement Scholarship                                                      Lauren Carroll

Snow Masonic Lodge #44 Scholarship                                                                                       Isaac Sears

Social Studies Department Achievement Scholarship                                                            Samuel Lundry

Spartan Nation Band Scholarship                                                                                               Mallory Obenauf

Spartan Nation Boys’ Cross Country Scholarship                                                                    Christian Simmons

Spartan Nation Determination Scholarship                                                                              Hannah DePover

Spartan Nation Extra Mile Scholarship                                                                                      Samina Abdullah

Spartan Nation Girls’ Cross Country Scholarship                                                                    Lillie Klauer

Spartan Nation iHope Scholarship                                                                                              Alexander Leonard

Spartan Nation iHope Scholarship                                                                                              Andrew Van Nattan

Spartan Nation iHope Scholarship                                                                                              Andrew Gratton

Spartan Nation Perseverance Scholarship                                                                                 Sarah Yoerger

Spartan STEM Scholarship                                                                                                           Cole Edwards

Steven J. Vander Horn Memorial Scholarship                                                                          Ryan Brohm

Ted & Carole Minnick Family Scholarship                                                                                 Ariel Rivera

Tinsman Family Education Scholarship                                                                                     Olivia Heckel

Tom & Martha Shaff Licea Family Scholarship                                                                         Mackinsey Paulson

Tom St. Clair Memorial Scholarship                                                                                            Hannah Humes

William “Bill” Stickel Memorial Scholarship                                                                              Jonathan Crouse

World Language Department Achievement Scholarship                                                         Abigail Schaller

Run with Carl 2017

Posted May 10th, 2017

Join us on Labor Day September 4, 2017!  Run with Carl is a community event for all ages.  We have two kids races, a 1/2 mile and a full mile. The main events are a 5k and 5mile.  Register now and for $30 you can run or walk and get this tech-style shirt, plus help students in Pleasant Valley.  Register at

The Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation and the Bettendorf Community Schools Foundation work together to organize Run with Carl.  In 2016, we raised $14,000 for each Foundation!  In Pleasant Valley it means scholarships for graduating seniors.  Thanks to Run with Carl, we’ve added six new scholarships!

Run with Carl started in 1995 as the primary funding vehicle for the Carl D. Schillig Memorial Fund. Carl Schillig, a student at Pleasant Valley High School, was 15 years old when he died in a car-pedestrian accident while participating in the Civil War Reenactment at the Village of East Davenport, Sept. 17, 1994. Carl was active in numerous school, community and church activities. The memorial fund was established by Carl’s family to perpetuate his memory and enthusiasm for life by providing college scholarships to graduates of Pleasant Valley. The first scholarship was awarded in 1998. In 2002, the scholarship award was extended to include graduates of Bettendorf High School. After 20 years, the Schillig family decided to end the race, but still award the Carl D. Schillig Memorial Scholarship.  In the fall of 2014, the Bettendorf Community Schools Foundation and the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation joined together to continue the race. Money raised will fund grants and scholarships for area students.



Thank you! PV Foundation Hold Successful Golf Outing

Posted April 27th, 2017

Thank you to the hundreds of people who supported this year’s Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation Golf Outing.  Together, we raised more than $34,000 for the Foundation.  The Foundation supports scholarships for Pleasant Valley High School Seniors.  On May 10, the Foundation will award 80 scholarships to 80 seniors.  These scholarships are funded through events like the Golf Outing and Run with Carl, but also through generous families and businesses who have decided to endow a scholarship in their name.  If you are interested in learning more about the Foundation, please contact secretary Beth Marsoun at

Thank you to the sponsors and golfers who participated on April 24th at Palmer Hills Golf Course.  A special thank you to Arconic, who underwrites this event, allowing for every donation to go directly to our students.

[su_column size=”1/4″]
Joe & Michele  Adam
AAA Court Family Dental
John Affre, Jr.
Phyllis Ahlstrand
Azeem & Faaiza Ahmed
Alex Brandtner Children’s
Sam & Marsha Allen
Matthew Allers
Walid & Mindy  AlSheikha
American Electric
Antique Archeology
Arthur J Gallagher & Co.
Blackhawk Bank and Trust
Dale and Judy  Barber
Caroline & Jack  Barnes
Dustin  Benore
Bettendorf Office Supply
Denny Black
Blackhawk Bank & Trust
Blades 5th Avenue Hair Sculpture
Dave Borcherding
Chad  Borland
Bowe Machine Co.
Bridgeview PTA
Bueker Family
Build to Suit
Joe Bullock
Jay  Bump
Garrett Burchett
Bush Construction
Tony Calabrese
Cardiovascular Medicine PC
Jeff Carr
Chad Carr
Carr Construction
Central Standard & Crust
Jamie Christophersen
City of Bettendorf
Mike  Clingingsmith
Derek Cockrell
Cody Elementary PTA
Blake  Collins
Mary Connell
Martha Conway
Cookies by Design
Greg Cotton
Mike  Couch
Chris   Cournoyer
Crane and Pelican
Crawford Company
Cliff Cronk
Crow Valley Golf Club
Mike  Culp
John and Nancy  Danico
Erik Danielson
Davenport Country Club
Jim and Gunda Davis
Matt Davis
Debbie  Dayman
Ryan  Dean
Don & Nancy  Dehner
[su_column size=”1/4″]
Devils Glen HyVee
Jean  Dickson
Jerry  Douglas
Sue Eby
Darren Erickson
Eye Surgeons Associates
Cathy Farrell
Tate  Featherstone
Tim Feeney
First Central State Bank
Cody Flatt
John  Foley
Rich Ford
Fresh Blends
Frevert Ramsey Kobes, Architects-Engineers P.C.
Todd Friemel
Friemel Chiropractic Salt Holistic Health
Bob Gallagher
Scott Gardner
Genesis Health Group
Dennis Gerard
Jennifer Gertson
Chris Gibney
Good Sign
Larry  Goodknight
Granite City
Greenwood Cleaning
Bill Grothus
Mike & Joan Hames
Happy Joe’s
David  Harkin
Mitch  Harvey
Jeff Hassel
Tony Hiatt
Bern & Milissa Hoffman
Jason Holdorf
Gene Holst
Erin  Holst
Hopewell PTA
Charles Horan
Horan & Barker, P.C.
Patrick Horaney
Ryan Hornbuckle
Hornbuckle Heating & Air Conditioning
Mike  Horsfield
Barry  Huber
Jim  Huiskamp
Glen Hummel
HyVee Gift Cards
In Honor of Chuck Murphy
In Memory of Kay Dianne Murphy
In Memory of R. Hovey Tinsman, Jr.
Isabel Bloom
Scott Isbell
Caleb Jacobi
Tony Jaeger
Greg Jaeger
Matt Jewell
Jewell Tool Technology
Dan Jobst
Jeff and Beth Johannsen
John Deere Classic
[su_column size=”1/4″]
John Deere Store
Larry  Johnsen
Marty and Mike Jones
Matt Jones
Jason Jones
Bob Jurkowski
Jay  Justin
Chad Kelley
Keller’s Crossing at Stone Creek
Kewanee Dunes Golf Club
Scott Kidwell
Rick Kilcoin
KJWW Engineering Consultants
Bob and Marsha Kline
Frank  Klipsch IV
D’Anne Kroemer
Kunau Implement Company, Inc.
Adam  Kunkel
Kevin Kwack
Eric Langan
Chris Larson
Lavender Crest
Tom  Licea
Jeff Lindmark
Matt Livingston
Logan Contractors Supply
Nate  Loss
Dick Luett
Joe Lundry
Ethan Mahler
Brad Martell
Marty and Mike Jones
Shawn  Mask
Aaron Matlock
Matt Davis, PV Class of 1983
Jeff & Lisa McCraw
Jim  McGrath
Jim McMillan
Rich McMurrary
Deb and Rich Menke
Merle Norman
Steven  Meyer
Sean  Miller
Missman, Inc.
Monty Meyer CPA & Associates, PC
Scott Mouw
Rick & Debbie Mulvania
Brian Mykleby
Otto Nobis
Northwest Mechanical, Inc.
Northwestern Mutual
Phil Nunn
ORA Orthopedics
Mike  Osler
Palmer Hills Golf Course
Phil Pancrazio
Papa Murphy’s
Parochetti Enterprises, Inc. dba Taco Bell
Paul and Emily Scranton
Nate  Paulson
Kevin Pennekamp
Pizza Ranch
Pleasant Valley Redi-Mix Inc.
[su_column size=”1/4″]
Pleasant View PTA
Decker  Ploehn
Precision Builders Inc.
Promotion Support Services
QC Iowa Realty
QC Silt Fence, Inc Erosion Control & Hydro-seeding Services
Quad Cities Investment Group, LLC
Kyle Rahe
Ted  Rebitzer
John & Janna Rice
John  Riches
River Bandits
River Valley Optimists
Riverdale Heights PTA
Rock Valley Physical Therapy/Quad-City Sport Performance
Jorge Rodriguez
Mark Roemer
Roller Law Office
Paul Schelly
Bob  Schwieder
Scott County Family YMCA
Sierk Orthodontics
Nathan & Laurie Skjerseth
John  Smith
Sneaky Pete’s
Chris Soy
Jim Spelhaug
Sports Fans
Spring Park Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, P.C.
State Representative Gary Mohr
Tim  Stecker
George Straetker
Brian Strusz
Karen Suh
Summit Concrete, Inc.
Superior Tube Products, Inc.
Sycamore Creek Farms
[su_column size=”1/4″]
Randy & Pam Teymer
The Pelecky Family
The Sergesketter Family
The Westlund Family
Thiel Motor Sales of Pleasant Valley
Thomas Olson Family Dentistry
Bruce & Sharon  Tinsman
Hovey & Sara Tinsman
TPC at Deere Run
Bob & Susan  Travis
Tree House
True North Companies
Damian  Vandermeer
Steve Vanderschaaf
Sheryl  VanPelt
Ron  VenHorst
Jay  Wallace
WaterPark Car Wash
Weerts Funeral Home
Mike  Wenz
Windmiller Design & Development Co.
Keith Worner
Xenotronics Company
Yoli – Better Body Company – Liz Isbell

Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation Starts Scholastic Booster Club

Posted October 27th, 2016

For 25 years, the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation has supported our students through a robust scholarship program.  Since 1991, the PVEF has awarded nearly 700 scholarships totaling nearly $700,000.  To fund our scholarships, we rely on hundreds of generous donors who have either chosen to give small amounts or endow a permanent scholarship.

Because of PV’s continued growth, the Foundation is assisting with a new and exciting effort.  Starting in the 2016-17 school year, the Foundation will help start the PV Scholastic Booster Club.   For years, parents and community members have supported the arts and athletics in Pleasant Valley, and now the Foundation is providing a structure to do the same for the district’s academic mission.

Parents interested in starting the PV Scholastic Booster Club have already had a few preliminary meetings to discuss what they would like to achieve. They would like to invite you to their next meeting, November 3, 2016 at 6:00pm at the Pleasant Valley Administrative Center at 525 Belmont Road, Bettendorf, IA, 52722.  At this meeting, we will discuss ideas to support our students through funding and recognition. If you are interested in attending, please email Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation Secretary, Hannah Thomsen, at

Can’t make the meeting, but still want to help?  Consider donating to the PV Scholastic Booster Club at the following levels:

Pioneer Level $500.00
Genius Level $250.00
Virtuoso Level $200.00
Brilliance Level $150.00
Imagination Level $100.00
Inspiration Level $50.00

Checks should be made to the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation with PVSBC in the  memo.  Every contribution will help support our students’ academic achievements. Send your check to:

The Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation
c/o Hannah Thomsen
525 Belmont Road
Bettendorf, IA

PV Foundation Awards 79 Scholarships

Posted May 12th, 2016

As the Pleasant Valley School District continues to grow, so does the generosity of the community.  On Wednesday, May 11, those who’ve endowed scholarships through the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation awarded 79 scholarships to 79 PVHS seniors.

The night is emotional, as students are rewarded for years of hard work and determination.  It’s also emotional as students hear the donors stories, why they’ve chosen to honor a PVHS student in the memory of a loved one, as a business giving back to its community or a family showing gratitude for what PV has offered them.  Stories of love and life inspired PVHS students to make a difference in the world.

“You don’t need to have a lot in order to give a lot,” Jeff Paul, founder of the iHope foundation, said to the students and their families.  Mr. Paul established his scholarship after his grandmother passed away.  She’d left him a few thousand dollars and his family decided to use the money for others, starting by paying for student’s dinners on homecoming night or picking up the tab for a stranger’s coffee.  Mr. Paul teaches at Pleasant Valley Junior High and noticed some of his students didn’t have the support they needed outside of the classroom.  He spoke of a student who brought in the day’s assignment soaking wet, because rain came through her roof.  His family decided to buy the student an ipad and quickly saw how much the simple gesture changed that student’s work ethic and confidence.  So, he decided he could do more and started raising money.  He’s now raised tens of thousands of dollars thanks to winnings from his Iron Man competitions and local businesses.  Every year he gives a student an ipad, with the promise of a $1,000 scholarship when they graduate.

Mr. Paul’s story is just one of dozens behind the PV Foundation’s scholarship program.  The Foundation’s goal is to one day provide a scholarship for every deserving graduating senior.  Scholarships come from families, businesses, and most recently, Run With Carl.  The PV Foundation and Bettendorf Community Schools Foundation organize the race with proceeds benefiting students.  Because of the Run with Carl, the PV Foundation added five new scholarships this year, and plans to add more with the coming success of the Labor Day race. (sign up to Run with Carl at

These scholarships directly beneift PVHS students and will for years to come.  New research shows less than 5% of Quad City students who do not start a post-secondary program immediately after high school will not complete a program, whether it’s a four-year degree or a vocational program.  The Foundation scholarships  are a powerful message of support and encouragement to our graduates.

If you are interested in contributing to or volunteering for the Foundation, please email our secretary Beth Marsoun at

Click here to see all of the scholarship recipients


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