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Over the last month, second, fourth, and sixth graders from Cody have been watching patiently as the views on their LeClaire Project video grow.  The LeClaire Project is a video put together by these students, along with their educators, to show various aspects about the community of LeClaire, in an effort to be a featured location on PenPal Schools Virtual Reality Field Trip Across America.

PenPal Schools is a program that connects classrooms across the globe to promote collaboration through different online lessons.  They host many projects, and decided to start a Virtual Reality Field Trip Across America.  This allows students from around the world to learn about America by viewing and experiencing communities across the country in the virtual reality sets.

The LeClaire Project focused on things specific to the community of Le Claire, starting with Eagle Watching by the second grade, Tug Fest by the fourth grade, and Antique Archaeology by the sixth grade.  Students collaborated across grades to think of interview questions and ideas, and had conversations with community members that had specific knowledge on their topics.

As of December 6th, the video has over 13,000 views and nearly 350 shares.  The contest ended on November 30th, and winners will be announced in the near future!  Click here to view the video and support the Cody students!

PVCSD wants to thank Larissa Bailey – 2nd grade teacher, Allison Samuelson – 4th grade teacher, Jennifer Notton – 6th grade teacher, Beth Campbell – Instructional Technology Coach, and all the community members that helped Cody students and were involved with the making of this video.  It is amazing to see one of our schools work so hard to show off their community!

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