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In Mrs. Larson’s 5th Grade class at Bridgeview, they’re setting the right tone for their next English Language Arts Unit.  You guessed it!  The unit is all about tone.

Mrs. Halverson, the Instructional Coach at Bridgeview, came in to help kick off the unit.  She spoke to the students about the difference in tone of voice and how it can change an author’s meaning.  The class watched a popular commercial.  In the ad, two actors are in two different scenes.  They say the same words, but the tone in which they say them completely changes the meaning of what is happening.  Watch the commercial here.

Students discussed the commercial, talking about the emotion, inflection and facial features that helped them determine what was happening in each scene in the commercial.  They’ll take this discussion and apply it to the next unit in ELA.  What a fun way to kick off an important subject!

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