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Thanks to SCRA… One Year Later

The Scott County Regional Authority awards hundreds of thousands of dollars of grants every year.  Pleasant Valley Community School District is lucky enough to receive grants from this organization.  Last year, PV was awarded several grants and now, one year later, we want to thank the SCRA, and update several of the projects.

Manufacturing Lab Machinery

With the use of SCRA grant funds, the Pleasant Valley metals lab added eight new three-in-one Lincoln MP 350 welders.  They are capable of completing Stick welding, MIG welding, and TIG welding.  This allows students access to practice and become proficient in the welding areas.

“Students will have basic skills and knowledge to help them enter a post-secondary educational program or work force if they desire,” Metals teacher Brandon Tolle said.

Students are in the process of using the new welders to create work tables.




Sudden Cardiac Arrest and AEDs


Pleasant Valley knows the importance of Automated External Defibrillators or AEDS.  A former student went down while working out on the field. Help was there immediately and an AED was used within minutes. His life was saved because of the quick access to an AED and the medics were able to continue care upon their arrival.

Receiving the SCRA grant allowed PV to install an AED in every building in our district, including the Maintenance and Administration Centers.

“To me, knowing where an AED is located is the most important piece in an emergency situation,” PVHS Nurse Pam Cinadr said.

Having AEDs in each building adds a level of security when it comes to students, staff and visitors and the possibility of a sudden cardiac episode.

Electro-Charging Station for AP Physics 2


In Mr. Spangenberg’s Physics courses, students prove the equations in the textbook are real by using models.  In Physics 1, it’s fairly easy.  They can measure velocity and time by having students record how long it takes for a cart to go down a ramp.  But, when it comes to Physics 2, the ideas are more abstract.  It’s hard to show students electric and magnetic fields.  That’s where the SCRA comes in.  Mr. Spangenberg received a grant to purchase electron-charging stations.  The stations allow students to experiment with electricity and actually see the positive and negative charges on a graph.

“Equations represent something real,” Mr. Spangenberg said. “And these stations allow students to see abstract ideas in a real form.”

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