Donuts for Grownups

Pleasant Valley Announcement Graphic

This Friday our Bridgeview PTA will be hosting our annual Donuts with Grown Ups event. This event used to be called Donuts with Dads. We hope any Bridgeview student and significant adult in their life will participate in this event. Donuts with Grown Ups starts at 7:30am. We will be hosting this event outdoors and making it very casual. Students and their special grown up can grab a donut and drink on the east sidewalk of our building and then find a place on the playground to hang out and start the day right with one another.

Please make sure to park cars respectfully in spots available on school grounds and the neighborhood. Also, remember that our first bell is at 8:15am and teachers will take students to their homerooms for an 8:30 start to the day. We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank You,

Tony Hiatt
Bridgeview Elementary Principal | Pleasant Valley CSD