Lunch Groups

District Enews Announcement

For the past few years I have been holding lunch groups for students in K-6th here at Pleasant View.  


I am writing this letter to explain lunch group procedures and give you a chance to contact me with questions or concerns.  Lunch group is completely voluntary on your son or daughter’s part.  I simply ask the class as to who wants to be in the group. I take the names and rotate students in throughout the year. I try to get to every child that wants to participate.  Here are the details of the groups:


1.      As was stated above, participation is voluntary.

2.      Students get their lunch trays and come to the counselor’s office for us to meet in a quieter setting. 

3.      Most of the time is spent doing GO AROUNDS. Students pick a topic and everyone is asked to participate. For example, we may ask students their favorite food.  Each child takes their turn answering. A student may pass if they would like.

4.      Students don’t miss any recess. We eat, take the garbage back to the cafeteria and then go out to recess with their class. Students eat with children from their same grade level.


I run these groups to get kids to meet children from other classes. I pick 2 students from each class. I also believe it is extremely important to listen to friends as they talk. A total of 8 students eat together in lunch group.  We meet two to three sessions.


Please contact me if you have any questions regarding lunch group.  Also, please contact me if you would not like your son or daughter to participate. Thank you for your time.


Keith Cavanagh

Pleasant View Counselor

332-5575 ext.1420