PVHS #SpartanNation December 23, 2020

PVHS #SpartanNation December 23, 2020

Be Safe Over Winter Break: During Winter Break, please note the following procedures should any health concerns arise in your family:

  • If your child receives a positive Covid-19 test result within 48 hours of their last day of school, please email your school nurse and administrator.
  • If your child becomes positive for Covid-19 or exposed to Covid-19 over break, please email your school nurse and administrator.
  • If your child receives a Covid-19 positive test result or has a direct exposure to Covid-19 that affects your child's first day to return to school from break, please email your school nurse and administrator.


A/B Calendar through the end of the School Year: Please look at this calendar for our Hybrid learning days. 

PVHS Scholarship Thank You:  Thanks to more than 100 donors, the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation will be able to award all scholarships for the class of 2021.  Thanks to all families who took advantage of the Dippel family’s pledge to match all donations up to $25,000!  Thank you! 

2nd Semester Scott Community College Courses: If you intend to take courses at SCC 2nd semester, you must meet with your counselor to get paperwork; completed enrollment paperwork must be submitted to your school counselor by Jan 8, 2021. This deadline is in place in order to process the appropriate paperwork and get all course materials/textbooks prior to the beginning of the course. If you do not meet this deadline, you may still enroll in courses at SCC but you may not receive PVHS credit and the courses will not count toward the Good Standing requirements of 5 classes + Wellness. The cost of joint enrollment is the responsibility of the student/family. You can make an appointment to meet with your counselor and pick up enrollment paperwork in the PV Counseling Office. Please see your counselor with any questions.  


Academic Awards:  In order to qualify for Academic Awards: a student must earn a weighted GPA of 3.75 or above.  The Awards are based on the GPA of 2 semesters (previous Spring and current Fall semester.)  If students receive a 3.75-3.99 in one or both semesters, they will receive Academic Honors.  If student receive a 4.0 or greater in both semesters, they will receive Academic Excellence.  If students receive less than a 3.75 in either semester, they are not eligible for Academic Awards for that school year.  


Freshman – 4.0 recognized with a certificate and an invite to Academic Awards night.  

Academic Letter - will be given the first qualifying year 

Gold Star - will be awarded for each following qualifying year.  


Spring 2021 Academic Awards: Academic Awards at the High School will be awarded during an 8th period presentation in the theatre this Spring.  Date to be announced.

*Due to Covid, we cannot use Spring of 2020 GPA’s (all were Pass/Fail).  We are using Fall of 2019 GPA’s and Fall of 2020 GPA’s to calculate 2021 awards.


Give the Gift of Travel:  Spain 2022! Join us in June 2022 as we head to Spain!  This 13 day trip will take us to Madrid, south to Sevilla & Granada, and then over to Barcelona. Deadline to enroll is Thursday, December 31st, so lock in the Early Bird Discount and sign up today!  Contact Miss Risius for the trip link and the virtual meeting recording.  (risiusstephanie@pleasval.org)