Online Learning Resources

Online Resources

Pleasant Valley Community School District continues online learning.  If you are in need of a device or internet access or want printed materials, please contact the Administration Center at 563-332-5550.

We miss you!!  We can do this together!


  • PK teachers will use this link for lessons.
  • K-2 teachers will use SeeSaw.
  • 3-12 teachers will use Google Classroom.

Teachers have communicated with you to access these platforms. If you have not received this information, please contact your teacher.

We understand parents are working from home and families with multiple children need to share resources, so lessons are designed to be flexible. Students will be able to access video lessons and materials at any time.


  • Participate in lessons Monday through Thursday
  • PK – check this link for lessons and activities
  • K-2 – engage for 2 hours a day in blocks of 15-20 minutes
  • 3-6 – engage for 2 hours a day in blocks of 20-30 minutes
  • 7-12 - engage for 2 hours a week for each course 
  • Check this link for PK, SeeSaw (K-2) or Google Classroom (3-12) for each course daily
  • Check school email daily

For more detailed information on what elementary teachers will provide, visit the following links. Teachers will provide these instructions in individual lessons. These documents are for your reference.

PV District ELA and Math Guidelines, K-2 (April 2020)
PV District ELA and Math Guidelines, 3-6 (April 2020) 


Attendance will be determined by the completion of assignments posted to SeeSaw (K-2) or Google Classroom (3-12). If a student is not submitting work, we will contact parents to identify barriers.


Each teacher will hold office hours every week so students can interact live to ask questions or receive assistance. If you email a teacher outside of the office hours provided, please allow for 24 hours for a reply. Click the school below for a list of teachers' office hours.

Bridgeview Office Hours

Cody Office Hours

Hopewell Office Hours

Pleasant View Office Hours

Riverdale Heights Office Hours

PVJH Office Hours

PVHS Office Hours

If your child is receiving support services like Special Education ESL, ELP, Flex, and/or Reading staff, contact them if you have yet to hear from that teacher.


We think you might find this article from Edutopia helpful as you step into the role of "teacher." We've summarized the points below.

  • Give your child a choice. There’s no need to have your child sit at the kitchen table. They’ll be just as productive if they choose a comfy spot on the couch. 
  • Set expectations for what they’ll accomplish and help them focus. Decades of research reveals that a sense of belonging, well-being and connection is crucial to learning. 
  • A back-to-back schedule can be overwhelming.  We take brain breaks during our day... children will need this!
  • Some students focus better in the morning, some don’t. Figure out what is best for your student.
  • Prioritize opportunities to engage in active learning through discussion, writing, or producing art.
  • Praise hard work builds endurance and tenacity.
  • Consider Passions and Play -  Help students move beyond a compliance mindset—"I’ve completed my work, can I go now?"— by building in time for passion projects and fun!

For parents with Special Education students, the Area Education Agency has provided this list of helpful tips to help students at home.


We know you likely have additional questions, especially about upcoming events.  As our return date is uncertain, we will update you with that information as decisions are made. 

Hosting school at home is a new "adventure" for all of us! With a little patience and understanding, we can get through this together.  Please contact your building principal with any additional questions!

Bridgeview - Tony Hiatt, 563-332-0215
Cody - Laurie Brasche, 563-332-0210
Hopewell  - Chris Welch, 563-332-0250
Pleasant View – Steven Cotton, 563-332-5575
Riverdale Heights – Jennifer Richardson, 563-332-0525
Pleasant Valley Junior High – Mike Peakin, 563-332-0200
Pleasant Valley High School – Darren Erickson, 563-332-5151