Sign Up for Virtual Graduation

diploma virtual graduation

Dear Seniors, 
First and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS!!  We understand this is not the way you pictured your graduation.   In case the live graduation cannot be held, we want to create an experience as close as possible to a traditional ceremony. 

Beginning May 7th we will begin taking photos of you receiving your “diploma”.  This will be a diploma cover that we will collect to be used HOPEFULLY at the live ceremony.  We will also take a professional photo that will be used in the video presentation and be available for you to download.

We will provide a sign up genius link at the bottom of this page to schedule a date and time. 

On your scheduled day, please remember to have your pressed robe, stole, tassel, cap (mortarboard) and, if earned, an honor cord.  (please be careful when carrying your cap, the tassels fall off easily!)

  • Men generally wear dark or khaki dress pants and a collared shirt. The gown should fall midway between the knee and ankle for both Men and Women. 
  • Women usually wear a lightweight dress or a blouse and skirt that are shorter than the gown so it does not hang below the robe. 
  • The graduation cap or mortarboard has one point of the square facing forward like a diamond. No other tape, decals, stickers or messages of any kind will be permitted.   
  • The graduation tassels are worn on the right at the start.  
  • At your scheduled time, you will be walking onto the stage, please be dressed and ready.

We will be offering scheduled times on May 7th, 8th, 11th- 15th from 9am – 1:10pm.  Please sign up for a date and time that works for you.  We ask that you park in the teachers’ lot and enter in the W4 door.  Please come alone - no parents or friends - and maintain social distancing.  

Please arrive before your scheduled time, wait in your car, and you may enter the W4 doorway 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time.   Please bring in the following items with you:
ANY textbooks that have been assigned to you

  • Novels
  • Library books 
    • Please note if you are using these resources for your classes, a later drop off date will be determined for your books.  Your books need to have your name and teacher noted inside the cover or we will provide a sticky note so you can identify your book.  
  • School issued uniforms
  • Elevator Keys
  • Upon completion of your photo, you will be given your immunization records, any awards (sports, academics, etc) we have, and strength and conditioning items. You will be allowed to gather your PE locker items at this time.  


A video of the ceremony will be released at the end of May and will also be broadcast on KWQC.  If you do not want your image in the video of the ceremony, please contact Beth Marsoun at