Will there be athletics and activities in the fall?

Iowa Department of Education guidance released on June 25 allows for all activities and athletics to start July 1. We will continue to follow current guidance from the Iowa Department of Education, Scott County Health Department, Iowa Girls' High School Athletic Union, Iowa High School Athletic Association, Iowa High School Music Association, Iowa High School Speech Association, and the Mississippi Athletic Conference.

Will there be field trips?

To maximize classroom learning time, some field trips may be postponed.  6th Grade campout is postponed until May.

Will there be special events like PTA fundraisers and dances?

We will follow current guidance from the local health department for events planned outside of the school day.

Will outside organizations be able to use PV facilities?

The Superintendent will approve outside building use on a case by case basis. Approval will depend on the size of the group and custodians’ ability to clean the facility in preparation for the following school day.