Bridgeview Gets Excited to Read!

Students reading
This fall, BV kicked off their WIN time with a school-wide and year-long effort to promote the JOY of reading for both  students and staff, titled "Our Reading Journey!"  This effort is coordinated by a team of reading specialists, special education teachers, and teacher librarian as part of a data-informed Student-Centered Coaching Cycle that began in May of last year and continues into this fall.  Students and educators gathered during a few different days to discuss their reading identities and to hear teachers share why they like to read and what reading means to them. This initiative was inspired by Jennifer Serravallo's text, The Reading Strategies Book, and staff hopes their collaboration will promote a school wide culture of reading that helps them all find and share the joy, discovery, imagination, and information that reading has to offer! Keep up the good work Bridgeview, we look forward to getting some good book suggestions throughout the year!