Bridgeview and BEYOND!

student artists

Every year since 2006, Bridgeview Elementary has been hosting an after school activity day to give all Bridgeview students something fun to look forward to after the school day! This program - Bridgeview and Beyond - takes place once a week for five weeks in both the fall and spring for 1st - 6th grade students. Because of the generous support of staff and the Bridgeview PTA, kiddos can enjoy a wide variety of activities for no cost, ranging from book club discussions, to board game playing, rock painting, knitting, scrap booking, martial arts, outdoor games and so much more!

Students are presented with that sessions options and rank them in their most desired order, then are placed in groups of kids who wanted to do those same activities. Around 100 students are involved each session and based off the smiles, laughs, and great conversation witnessed, it's a huge hit for all involved!  If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering to lend your skills and assistance to Bridgeview and Beyond, please contact Tara Sitrick at!