Exploring Reading with Cody Book Buddies

students reading

Tons of fun and reading exploration is taking place between 4th graders and kindergartners at Cody Elementary School! 4th graders in Mrs. Allison Samuelson's class have paired up with the kindergartners in Mrs. Jenna Rokes class as book buddies! These classes get together nearly once a week and participate in a reading related activity while having fun and making meaningful connections. The 4th graders came up with an interest survey on a bookmark for the kindergarten book buddies, where they interviewed their buddies to learn about the types of books they like to read and to find out how their buddy feels about reading!

The older students then refer back to the survey to decide what books to check out when they visit the library to pick their books for the week. Once the book buddies gather, they read aloud to their kindergartners and use the back of the bookmarks with prompts to help with their reading skills and to have discussions about characters, setting, and much more! We love seeing older students connect with younger Spartans and share their love of reading!