Directions for Item Pick Up at Cody

Directions for Item Pick Up at Cody

We hope this message finds you and your family well. While online learning has been implemented in phases and begins to take root for the remainder of our 2019-20 school year, we have been planning and orchestrating schoolwide desk and locker cleanout. All personal items have been collected from desks, lockers (including PE lockers for grades 4-6) and staged in plastic bags with student names and homerooms on labels for efficient drive-thru pick up. We will be ready to return these personal items to you on May 7th and 8th. 

We are asking that each family write their name on a large sheet of paper with the student’s name(s) and teacher(s) so that as you pull to the front of the pick up line, staff has non-verbal communication regarding what materials you are here to pick up. Example: Laurie Brasche, KR

Please pull in and circle the perimeter of the parking lot in a single file line. The line will go onto the playground where you will circle around to the doors marked S2 (by kindergarten hallway).  Please open the trunk at this time and we will drop your bag/s into your car for you. All volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves. 

We are assigning times by last name, as indicated below, to keep things moving efficiently with the understanding some families have children at multiple grade levels. If you have multiple children at varying grade levels, you can come at designated times for any of your children, and we will give you all your chidrens’ items at that time. We do ask that all drivers and passengers remain in vehicles the entire time you are here for safety purposes.

Thursday, May 7 Schedule:  Friday, May 8 Schedule:
9:00-11:00 Last names A-G For those unable to come on May 7
12:00-2:00 Last names H-O 9:00-11:00am   
3:00-5:00 Last names P-Z  

You may return library books at this time also.  We will have someone collecting them as you enter the playground. The school nurse will also be on hand to return any medications you have at school.

Thank you for your patience and on-going support as we all learn together and support our children academically, socially and emotionally through this period. Please call our office at 563-332-0210 if you have any specific needs or questions pertaining to pick up of personal items or drop off of school property.

There is no doubt that our PV Community will be resilient and come back stronger than ever after this experience. Thanks for your understanding and on-going support.

Laurie Brasche

Cody Principal