Directions for Item Pick Up at Hopewell

Directions for Item Pick Up at Hopewell

On May 7th from 9-3 student’s personal items from desks and lockers will be returned to families. Should families not be able join us on May 7th, we will also hold a session on May 8th from 12-3. We will use the same procedure for both days.

Check In: Once in the large lot we will form two lines around the perimeter until we reach the check in location as indicated on the map.
Family Sign/ Information: At check in you will need a sign that has your student’s first and last name along with grade and teacher name. If you have more than one student please make sure information for each student is visible.

Pick Up: Student personal items will be located by the grade level doors on the map. After check in you will pull forward to each set of doors that represents the grade of your students. Please stay in your car. As an example, if you have a first and a fifth grader, you would pull to the 3-6 doors then to the 1-2 doors. At each stop your student’s items will be placed in your vehicle. Medications for pick up will occur at the front entrance. We will bring the meds to you and you do not need to exit your vehicle.

Book Return: We understand that you may have library, reading teacher, and or classroom books and items that need returned. You may return these items to the person who is giving you your student’s items.
Thank you for your patience as we work to serve as many families as we can on Thursday. Be sure to have your sign ready and please contact me with questions.

Mr. Welch