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March 25, 2020

Pleasant Valley teachers worked together to provide these learning opportunities for your students! We've provided appropriate and easy resources for your student to explore. Please select your grade level and look at the opportunities.  Select those that are of interest to you and your student. Feel free to review prior learning or select opportunities you would like to learn more about.  Have fun, explore and enjoy the journey!  We look forward to getting back into the classroom!


March 22, 2020

Dear Pleasant Valley Families,

As Spring Break comes to a close, it is hard to believe how quickly things have progressed in the last eight days and that we will not be returning to our classrooms tomorrow.  As difficult of a time as we are in, we hope the last week provided you some relaxation and time with your family. 

This afternoon, we wanted to communicate to you the latest effort by Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. She is stressing that Iowans who have traveled recently for business or spring break vacations should self-isolate for 14 days. This includes all travel in or out of the country. The Governor also said in this afternoon’s press conference that anyone who has been remotely ill to self-isolate for seven days. For more information about self-isolation, please click here for the Iowa Department of Public Health guidelines.  

This virus is highly contagious and if we, as a community, don’t take these warnings seriously, we will continue to spread the virus in our own area. Many people who are contagious may show no signs or symptoms initially and that is why self-isolation is absolutely crucial.  This cannot be reiterated enough. We are not immune to this virus. As evident by the confirmed cases in both Scott County and Rock Island County.

Officials across the country are encouraging:

Social distancing by staying at home as much as possible

Washing hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds each time

Covering coughs and sneezes with a tissue or elbow/upper arm

If you feel ill with a fever and shortness of breath, call your doctor before you go to the office.

If you are ill, stay at home until you do not have a fever for 72 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicines), and at least 7 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared.

As a reminder, all Pleasant Valley facilities are closed until Monday, April 13, 2020. Even though we are not in the buildings, teachers and staff will be working together remotely to provide learning opportunities for the next three weeks as well as maximizing classroom instruction once we return to school. We are doing our public service duty by holding collaboration sessions online as much as possible.     

Please take care of yourself and your families!



Brian Strusz                                   Dr. Nikhil Wagle

Superintendent School                  Board President

March 20, 2020

Dear Pleasant Valley Families,

As we continue to learn more every day, please know the Pleasant Valley Community School District team continues to gather information from the Iowa Department of Education and Health Departments to make informed decisions that are in the best interest of our students and staff. 

As shared previously, all schools and facilities/grounds will remain closed to the public through April 12, 2020.  At this time, administration and staff are preparing to begin classes again on Monday, April 13, 2020 unless otherwise directed by Governor Reynolds.  
We will continue to provide updates as this matter progresses.  In the meantime, here are a few updates and reminders:

Student Meal Service 
If you would like your child to participate in the meal service program that was shared in Tuesday’s eNews, please contact Beth Marsoun at for the information if you did not complete the registration survey.  Meal distribution will take place Monday through Friday from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at the following sites: 

Bettendorf Middle School (2030 Middle Rd, Bettendorf, IA 52722)
Neil Armstrong (3311 Central Ave, Bettendorf, IA 52722)

Medication Pick Up 
We understand that some students may be in need of the medication that is in their respective nurse’s office.  Parents/guardians may come to the school on Monday, March 23 from 7:15 am to 8:30 am or March 24th from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm.  When you arrive please call your school's main office number and the nurse will place the medication on the table located in the main office vestibule.  Students may not pick up their own medication.

Health Services
As a district, we recognize the importance of continuing to serve the health needs of our students.  Vera French School-Based Therapists will begin reaching out to students they provide services to during the week of March 23rd.  If you are in need of support from your child’s therapist prior to their call, please feel free to contact Vera French at 563-383-1900. 

Student Items in School
With our schools being closed, we understand there might be something that your student needs from school that is a necessity.  If that is the case, please reach out to your building principal so they can gather what you need and have it brought to the main office vestibule for your pick up.

Student Resources while at Home
Questions have been raised regarding teachers providing resources or learning opportunities for students during the next three weeks.  As we return from spring break, please allow us more time to research this possibility.  This has been a topic of discussion on two statewide Zoom sessions with the Iowa Department of Education this past week.  As simple as this ask may seem, we need to be careful to ensure all students have the ability to access the resources we are providing.  Our next communication will provide additional clarification on this topic.        

I know during this uncharted time there are many uncertainties, but we know the one constant is that the Pleasant Valley Family will continue to work together for the best of our kids.  Remember to take care of yourself and your family, both mentally and physically.

Brian Strusz
Pleasant Valley Community School District

March 17, 2020

As we continue to find solutions to unanswered questions regarding COVID-19, we need your help in identifying students who need meal service while school is not in session.

In partnership with the Bettendorf Community School District, the districts will provide drive-through meal service at Neil Armstrong (3311 Central Ave, Bettendorf, IA 52722) and Bettendorf Middle School (2030 Middle Rd, Bettendorf, IA 52722).

If you are a family that would like to receive meals, please fill out the form at the following link by Thursday, March 19, 2020.

These meals will be provided at no cost, and will be available to anyone between the ages 0-18.

Service will begin on Monday, March 23. 

By working together, we will serve our community efficiently and effectively. We will continue to communicate through this unprecedented event.

Thank you,

Brian Strusz



March 16, 2020

Dear Pleasant Valley Families,

As the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19) escalates, our students, staff and community’s safety is of the utmost importance.

Under the guidance of the state of Iowa and the Scott County Health Department, the Pleasant Valley Community School District along with the Bettendorf, Davenport, and North Scott school districts, will be closed until April 10.  At this time we plan on school resuming on a regular schedule on Monday, April 13, 2020. 

At Iowa Governor Kim Reynold’s press conference this evening, she said she is working with the legislature so schools do not have to make up this time at the end of the year. 

We know that there are more unanswered questions than answers at this time.  We will continue to work diligently to find the best solutions.

At this time, we anticipate graduation will take place as scheduled, and students will earn credits to achieve their high school diplomas when we return to school. 

While students will not be in school, we encourage you to keep students at home and continue to follow the CDC guidelines.

  • Stay at home as much as possible.
  • For the next 8 weeks, avoid events and gatherings.
  • Protect vulnerable populations, including contact with older adults and those with serious chronic medical conditions like those with heart disease, diabetes, blood disorders, compromised immune system, current or recent pregnancy, metabolic disorders, asthma, neurological conditions, and lung disease.
  • Limit interactions by staying 6-8 feet away from others.
  • Wash hands for 20 seconds regularly.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your upper arm/elbow
  • Avoid high-touch surfaces and clean them often.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid non-essential travel.
  • Call ahead to your health care provider if you’re showing symptoms (fever, cough, and shortness of breath, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion, bluish lips or face)

If you have questions about COVID-19 itself, please contact IDPH's Center for Acute Disease Epidemiology (CADE) at (800) 362-2736 or by dialing 211. 

We will continue to communicate through this difficult time and thank you for your cooperation as we work together for the safety of our community.

Brian Strusz


Pleasant Valley Community School District


March 15, 2020

We are in unprecedented times as we work together to mitigate COVID-19. As there is now evidence of community spread in Iowa, Governor Kim Reynolds has recommended that all Iowa schools close for 4 weeks.  

Tomorrow, March 16, she will hold a press conference with further details. After her press conference, we will speak with our local health departments and school districts to make an informed decision about our next steps.

In the meantime, our custodial staff will be cleaning facilities in preparation for the return to school.

We remind you of the CDC recommendations:

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds regularly
  • Do not go to gatherings with more than 50 people.
  • Stay 6-8 feet away from others.

As we partner together to keep our community safe, we will continue to communicate our plans.  We appreciate your patience.

Brian Strusz
Pleasant Valley Community School District