Pleasant View 1st Grade Celebrate Cultures from Around the World

celebrating culture

First graders at Pleasant View celebrated cultures and traditions from around the world, and shared their hard work with the entire school! The project is based on parades, so they held their own in the hallways! 

During the learning process and preparing for the parade the 1st graders investigated, created, collaborated, problem solved, and more! Students prepared by taking advantage of parades happening in the Quad Cities and over the holiday season nationally. They read and learned about holidays around the world. Once students interviewed family members to gain knowledge from primary sources about their special traditions, students practiced habits of interactions to share and learn about each other.

Students designed their own floats in class as they learned about and celebrated their heritage. Lastly, students worked together to plan the perfect route and date for the parade and invited our whole school to view. They used their 21st-century skills to solve it and the parade went off marvelously!    

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