Directions for Student Pick Up at Pleasant View

Directions for Student Pick Up at Pleasant View

Before I get into the purpose of this communication, I’d like say Thank You for your patience and support during this challenging time. Nobody could have predicted at the beginning of the school year that we would be ending our year with a remote learning model. I’m proud of the efforts our teachers have been making to ensure there are engaging remote learning opportunities for our children during the time we are away from Pleasant View. We recognize that members of your family now have to facilitate many of these learning experiences, and we appreciate what you are doing to support your children. I’ve been able to view a number of See Saw and Google Classroom assignments and am encouraged by what I see. Please let your children know that we miss them and are proud of their efforts to remain connected to school.

The main purpose of this communication is to inform families that it is time to make arrangements for returning personal belongings to students, as well as for families to return school property, such as library books or other classroom materials, to Pleasant View. Our teachers have spent time gathering your child’s belongings.

We ask that you please bag up any of our belongings like library books or classroom materials prior to May 7th or 8th. These bags will need to be placed in the trunk of your vehicle. We’ll get them out of the trunk for you at the same time we deliver your child’s belongings to your trunk.

On Thursday, May 7th and Friday, May 8th, parents will be asked to drive to Pleasant View to pick up their child’s personal belongings. Our system will utilize both of our parking areas for this process. These two areas are better known as the west student drop-off/pick-up zone and the east bus zone. Along with reading this information, please take the time to watch the help video that I have created that explains the process in detail. The goal will be to return student belongings in a manner that focuses on the safety and wellbeing of your family members, as well as the Pleasant View faculty and staff members that are assisting with this process. Here are the assigned times for each grade level.

Thursday, May 7 East Bus Zone West Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zone
8:00-9:00am  1st Grade  Kindergarten
9:30-10:30am  3rd Grade  2nd Grade
11:00am-12:00pm 5th Grade  4th Grade
12:30-1:30pm 6th Grade      


Friday, May 8  East Bus Zone West Drop-Off Pick-Up Zone
11:30-12:30pm 1st Grade Kindergarten
1:00-2:00pm  3rd Grade 2nd Grade
2:30-3:30pm  5th Grade    4th Grade
4:00-5:00pm 6th Grade    


Families will only need to make one trip to Pleasant View.  For example, if a family has a Kindergartner and a 6th grader, the family can come at 8am on Thursday, pick up the kindergartner’s belongings and their 6th grader’s belongings.

When you arrive at Pleasant View, everyone must remain inside the vehicle.  Each family will need to create and display a sign from one of the passenger side windows.  It will need to be able to be read by our team members from the sidewalk.  The sign should clearly state the name or names of all of your children.  Here is an example of what a sign should look like.  As you can see, there are two children in this family, Steven in KD and his sibling Griffin in 6G.

Let’s use the Cotton family as an example for the pick-up procedures.  The Cottons would need to arrive during the assigned kindergarten time of May 7th  between 8:00-9:00am or May 8th  at 11:30am-12:30pm since kindergarten is assigned an early time in the day. However, this family will also be able to get their 6th grader’s belongings at the earlier time.  Kindergarten families need to drive into the west student drop-off/pick-up zone to retrieve Steven’s belongings and Griffin’s belongings.  The first Pleasant View team member will be stopping each car to check the name or names on each sign. Since the Cotton family has kindergartner and a 6th grader, the team member will communicate by radio to another team member in the gym about needing to locate Griffin’s 6th  grade belongings.  Once that is done, Mr. or Mrs. Cotton can drive forward to the KD location in the drop-off/pick-up zone.  Each grade will be listed in alphabetical order.  Once at KD, the driver will need to open the trunk from the inside of the vehicle.  One of our team members will read the sign in the window and locate Steven’s belongings. Next they will place the bag inside the trunk of the vehicle.  If the Cotton family has any library books or  other classroom materials that need to be returned to Pleasant View, the team member will remove them from the trunk of the Cotton’s vehicle.  Now it’s time to pick up Griffin’s 6thgrade belongings.  Mr. or Mrs. Cotton will need to follow the line of cars around the pick-up zone and stop at the designated area for sibling belongings.  This will be relatively close to the west exterior door of the gym.  Once there, the trunk will need to be opened again so a team member can place Griffin’s bag in the trunk of the car.  The Cotton family is now done and may head for home.  A similar procedure will be in place for families that have a child that needs to pick up belongings in the east bus zone area of the school.

Student Medication Pick-Up

Some of our students have medication in our health clinic.  Mrs. Hanson will be returning medication to families on May 7th and 8th.  Once done picking up student belongings, we ask that families drive through the bus zone and stop at the main entrance of the building.  Either while in line on the campus or when you arrive at the front entrance, parents will need to call the school at 563-332-5575 and notify the office staff that you need to pick up your child’s medication or medical supplies.  Mrs. Hanson will need to see the sign that has the name or names of the children displayed in your passenger side window.  Once she confirms that it is the correct family, she will place the medication in the trunk of the vehicle.

Click here for a video explaination of the process

Please let me know if there are questions about any of the procedures I’ve written in this letter or explained in the video.  I would be happy to help in any way I can.  Since I am working from home most days, the best way to get in touch with me is through email.  I can be reached at 

Everyone at Pleasant View misses our K-6th  grade students.  We hope all of our children and families are safe and doing well.  I look forward to seeing many of you through your car windows on May 7th  and May 8th. Stay Safe!