The Baker Family Scholarship


The Baker Family Scholarship is awarded to a Cody Elementary 6th Grade student who demonstrates the potential for hard work and determination, but who might need extra support to complete a post-secondary education.

The Baker Family endowed this scholarship after both children, Evan and Kaitlyn, attended Cody Elementary.  After realizing the great foundations in scholastics, citizenship, and just being a “good person” developed and taught by the entire Cody staff and teachers, they wanted to give back to a Cody Elementary student.  Growing up in Iowa also taught the Bakers that hard work and a good work ethic pays off, and wanted to provide an incentive for students who embody those traits. 

“We wanted to do more than the typical “re-active” scholarships which solely rewards graduates for past accomplishments, we wanted to more “pro-active” and not only reward students for what they have done, but also to reward them for continuing to do well,” Mr. Baker said. “We want these students to know, if they put in the hard work, make good choices, and get good grades, that it will pay off - hopefully, in more ways than just this scholarship!”  

*Students do not apply for this scholarship. The recipient is chosen from each 6th Grade class by the faculty and staff at Cody Elementary.*

Fulfilling Scholarship

  • The student is guaranteed $1,000 upon graduation from PVHS.  If the student moves from the district, the scholarship will be forfeited.


To grow scholarship

  • The student can earn an additional $1,000 in scholarship monies for each year grade 9-12 he or she achieves at least 3.1 GPA.  
  • The GPA is not cumulative, but based upon each year. For example, a student could receive the scholarship in his or her Freshman year, but if the GPA is not at least 3.1 for sophomore year, the student would not receive the scholarship for that particular year.
  • The PVEF secretary will work with the counseling staff to determine if the student reaches the 3.1 GPA yearly.
  • All funds earned by the student will be awarded and paid at the time of high school graduation, rather than a renewable scholarship throughout their years of college.