Counseling Services

The Counseling Department provides for personal counseling; vocational planning; referral to specialized agencies; college planning, applications, and financing; improvement of interpersonal relationships; scheduling; and intervention strategies for students experiencing learning and/or behavioral difficulties. 

Parents who suspect their child has a disability requiring accommodation or special education are urged to contact their child’s school or the Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency (1-800-947-2329) for additional information and a copy of the booklet entitled Parental Rights in Special Education. 

Bridgeview Elementary:

Phone Number: (563) 332-0215

Cody Elementary:

Phone Number: (563) 332-0210

High School:

Phone Number: (563) 332-5151

Michele Kipp

Counseling Office Secretary/Assistant Registrar

Scott Rice

Professional School Counselor

Hopewell Elementary:

Phone Number: (563) 332-0250

Kate Reed

Professional School Counselor

Pleasant View Elementary:

Phone Number: (563) 332-5575

Riverdale Heights Elementary:

Phone Number: (563) 332-0525