Food Services

The Pleasant Valley School District serves nutritious meals every school day. Students may purchase lunch for $2.45 (K-6), $2.55 (7-8), and $2.85 - $3.10 (9-12) and breakfast for $1.65 (K-6) or $1.80 (7-12). Please select the 'Free and Reduced Meal Information' tab for more information on meal assistance or contact Andrea Mahler, Food Service Director.

School meals will be free for the duration of the 2021-2022 school year.  To continue to receive state benefits, please select the...Free and Reduced Meal Information link.


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Food Service Contacts

Corie Gamble

Food Service Supervisor

Andrea Mahler

Food Service Director

Aaron Shannon

Food Service Manager

Kelly Talbot

JH Kitchen Supervisor

Kindergarten Snack

A daily snack has been a long tradition of the kindergarten and pre-kindergarten programs in the Pleasant Valley Community School District. All snacks are provided by Pleasant Valley food service, and all snacks meet the district's wellness and peanut/tree nut policies.

The snacks are $36.00 per semester. Students who receive reduced price meals pay $21.60 per semester. Students who receive free meals do not need to pay the fee if they have turned in a student fee waiver with their meal application.

Kindergarten snack will have a standard menu this year consisting of: Goldfish Crackers, Animal Crackers, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Bar, Scooby Doo Graham Snacks, and Pretzel Goldfish.

Infinite Campus Food Service System

Pleasant Valley has transitioned to the Infinite Campus Food Service system. With this system, you are able to view your student’s lunch balance and see an itemized list of food service purchases right through your Parent Portal login!

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Each student has a customized account number for food service items. This is a debit account, not a credit account. This means money is deposited into the account and the student can purchase food items using their account. At the secondary level, the student will enter his/her account number into a keypad. A food service cashier will then debit the price of food items for purchase.

For elementary students, a scan sheet, similar to what is currently used in the media centers, will be used to identify each student and their account. You may make a deposit into the account at any time by sending cash or check to the school office or online through the webstore RevTrak. We request that if possible, a minimum of $5.00 be deposited at any one time. If a student has cash with them, no change will be given when a food item is purchase since this is a debit system. For example, if a student has $5.00 and purchases $1.85 worth of food items, the remaining $3.15 will be placed into their account for future use.

At the elementary level, your student may charge -$15.00 at that time you will have 2 weeks to bring in money, after the 2 weeks your student will need to bring a lunch from home. At the Junior High level your student may charge -$5.00 after that your student will need to bring a lunch from home. High School students are not allowed to charge.