Bev Soenksen Memorial Scholarship 

The Bev Soenksen Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a Pleasant Valley High School senior intending to pursue learning beyond high school. This $1,000 scholarship will be directed to a student who seeks to continue their education at a college or university, a community college, or a trade or technical school. This scholarship is named in memory of a high-minded woman who spent her life teaching, promoting learning, and caring for others in the community. 

Bev Soenksen attained her teaching degree from Augustana College and spent 35 years teaching English at the junior high, high school, and college levels. She dedicated the last 23 years of her career to teaching at Pleasant Valley High School. Bev was a very devoted teacher who truly cared about her students and sought to help them see the value of education in both their development as adolescents and in attaining goals throughout their lifetime. She valued teaching students to have high expectations, to work hard, and to stretch beyond their perceived capabilities. In addition, she continually guided students to develop moral character, a generous attitude towards others, and a sense of caring community at PVHS.

The scholarship recipient will embody the values that Bev spent her career striving to teach others. Well-rounded seniors who desire to continue their education and have demonstrated the desire for life-long learning and giving to the community are encouraged to apply. 

Criteria to apply: 

1. The student is a graduating senior at PVHS with at least a 2.5 GPA. 

2. The student has been accepted into an accredited program of continued learning. 

3. The student has demonstrated a commitment to learning and continued growth throughout high school. 

4. The student has positively impacted the PVHS community with a caring and generous demeanor towards students and staff. 

5. The student has demonstrated a giving nature by participating in one activity outside of their studies. This can include school activities or athletics, outside activities or athletics, community service or employment.