Chris (Murphy) Grillot Nursing Scholarship

Chris (Murphy) Grillot graduated from Pleasant Valley in 1971. She was involved in Tennis, Drama and Musicals, and Thespians and was a Candy Stripe nursing volunteer at Mercy Hospital in Davenport during her high school years. She went on to Mt. Mercy College.

This scholarship honors a student who has demonstrated a kindness and caring for others in the health care field during their high school years. They have made a difference in the life of an individual, or a community, whether the elderly, the physically or mentally challenged. The winner of this scholarship understands the value of caring for others and appreciates that proper and equitable health care services are foundational to a person’s dignity and independent living. The awardees is chosen by the administration/counselors. Each awardee will demonstrate the following:

·         Needs to be well prepared by their K-12 experiences and to pursue some form of post-secondary education to expand and refine their skills and background

·         Community Mindedness - a commitment to being involved

·         Academic Preparation - the ability to reason, solve problems, apply knowledge, and communicate effectively

·         Interpersonal Skills - the ability to work effectively with others - individually or in groups

·         Professional Behaviors - responsibility and dependability

Criteria to apply

·         Administration/counselors will select the senior applicant who exhibits the qualities of giving back, community mindedness, and dedication.

·         Plan to attend a college or vocational school upon graduation

·         Post Secondary health care profession focus

Scholarship Personal Statement/Essay:

  • In less than 250 words (1700 characters), please tell us why you've chosen your field of study.
  • In less than 250 words (1700 characters), please tell us what your plans are after your post-secondary education is complete.
  • In less than 250 words (1700 characters), please tell us about one of the following: your ability to problem solve, work with others, and/or your dedication to the community.
  • In less than 250 words (1700 characters), please tell us how you've overcome an obstacle.
  • In less than 250 words (1700 characters), please tell us anything else about yourself you think the selection committee would like to know.
  • Discuss briefly in 250 words or less your dedication to giving back to your community, including how you've cared for those in a health care setting during your high school years.

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Past Scholarship Recipients

2022    Shravani Inampudi