Christine Harvey “True Blue” Scholarship

Christine Harvey

The Christine Harvey True Blue Scholarship was created in 2014 by those who have had the pleasure to work with her over the last 33 years: the faculty and staff of the Pleasant Valley Community School District, past and present members of the Board of Education, and the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation.

A life-long Iowan and long-time community member, Chris is a graduate of the University of Northern Iowa.  She started her 33-year career with Pleasant Valley as the High School Principal’s secretary.  After seven years in that position, she was appointed Superintendent’s, School Board, and Foundation Board secretary.  She has assisted Merrit Parsons, Dale Barber, and Jim Spelhaug, as well as many PV School Board and Foundation Board members.

In her behind-the-scenes role, under the direction of Dale Barber, she helped lay the groundwork for the Foundation, acquiring legal documents, organizing meetings, fundraising, and processing students’ scholarship awards each year.   Under the direction of Jim Spelhaug, she has been integral in raising funds and organizing a Foundation that has grown to where it annually provides scholarships valued at over $70,000, all given to PV students to further their education.

Her hard work, kindness, and True Blue dedication to each superintendent, the district, and the boards she served is an example not only for her colleagues, but for students past, present, and future.

Chris is very proud to have supported the leadership of the PV district, the district’s faculty and staff, and its boards, all who work hard to encourage, innovate and provide the very best education for students.

Purpose:  To help a student with financial need who has been loyal to a cause and who has the tenacity to achieve success in post-secondary education.

Criteria to Apply:

  • Be a graduating senior of PVHS
  • Demonstrate loyalty and a good work ethic in the classroom and beyond
  • Be a well-rounded person of good character

Scholarship Personal Statement/Essay:

  • Provide one (or more) real life example(s) describing how your hard work, passion and/or commitment to excellence have contributed to your personal development (specifically as it relates to the characteristics of scholarship, leadership, character or service).

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Past Scholarship Recipients

2021     Alex Thorne
2020    Lucas Law
2019     Lillian Parker
2018     Haley Germain    
2017     Sally Walker
2016     Kyle Berst
2015     Zachary Schony