Dippel Family Scholarship

We are a family of two generations of Pleasant Valley graduates.  Each of us has had our own academic and extracurricular interactions with the school district that has shaped who we are today.

We strongly believe in the overall mission of the school district: “Our goal is to have the finest academic and extra-curricular programs in the state. Not in some things, but in all things. Not for some kids, but for all kids.”

Each of us have experienced the passion of the finest faculty and staff who have inspired us to continually challenge ourselves to learn, grow, and excel at what we do every day.

Pleasant Valley has meant more than just an education to our family.  It has provided a framework for achieving goals.  It has instilled a sense of challenging yourself to be your best.  It has provided a community of friends that have touched each of us.  It holds you accountable to succeed.  It teaches you that learning is a lifelong activity.  It gives opportunity to people of all ability.  

“Everyone is born with a talent/gift, if you do not use your talent to the best of your ability, you waste what someone else never had.” (Ed Morrissey, PV Football Coach, 1979-2006)

The Dippel Family would like to provide 5 scholarships to 5 graduating seniors of Pleasant Valley High School.  We recognize that people have different interests and abilities, and we would like to give them the opportunity to fulfill their talents and pursue their dreams. 

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Past Scholarship Recipients

Eric Dippel Scholarship
2022    Nathan Barlow
2021     Alex Clemons
2020     Erin Vincel

Kyle Dippel Scholarship
2022     Ryan Saddler
2021      Reese Wendell
2020     Cecilia Zavala

Missy Dippel Scholarship
2022     Isabella Burkhart
2021      Maegan Neil
2020     Lily Mitchell

Molly Dippel Scholarship
2022     Ian Olderog
2021     Erica Heiselman
2020   Roger Pavey

Tyler Dippel Scholarship
2022    Corinne (Peyton) Pelletier
2021     Ella Litchfield
2020    Sierra Christensen


Scholarships Available