Dr. Vijay Rajendran Family Scholarship

Vijay Rajendran

The Rajendran Family Scholarship fund supports a Pleasant Valley High School senior pursuing advanced studies in the biological sciences each year. The family has lived in the school district for nearly 20 years and includes an alumna of Pleasant Valley High School. Following the commitment of Cardiovascular Medicine PC to the high school and the community, Dr. Rajendran and family wish to continue to support young people in the sciences.

Criteria to Apply:

  • Be a graduating senior of PVHS
  • Senior applicant pursuing advanced studies in the biological sciences with a demonstrated record of high academic achievement in the classroom with a strong GPA
  • Consideration is given to female applicants to encourage greater participation in the sciences
  • Student with expressed financial need
  • Proven commitment of service to the community and excellence of character are required.

Scholarship Personal Statement/Essay:

  • Discuss briefly by writing a 500-word statement that describes your academic and/or professional interests after graduation from high school.


Past Scholarship Recipients:

2017     Emily Bruinsma
2016     Hannah McDonald
2015     Yang Zhang Shao
2014     Benjamin Bruster
2013     Karl Weaver
2012     Ashley Madison
2011     Lara Quast
2010     Katelyn Benge
2009     Matthew Kraciun
2009     Madeline Knott
2008     Samantha Stephenson

Named the Cardiovascular Medical Group Scholarship before 2014