Evelyn Lehman iHope Scholarship

Thanks to the tremendous support from local businesses in the quad Cities and individual contributions from donors across the United States, we are blessed to endow the Evelyn Lehman iHope Scholarship.

iHope Mission Statement: The mission of iHope is to provide students at Pleasant Valley Junior High who display positive character traits and work habits with technological resources and scholarships that will aid in academic achievement and success.

iHope’s Idea: iHope is a nonprofit foundation created by Jeff Paul. Mr. Paul is an 8th grade American History teacher at Pleasant Valley Junior High.

The Birth of iHope: “In July of 2009 my grandmother, Evelyn Lehman passed away. My grandma was an awesome person. She and my grandpa gave time, energy, and money to their church, community and to their grandkids. When my grandma died, she left all of her grandchildren some money. I knew I wanted to use this money in a giving way because that would make my grandma proud. As a professional triathlete, I would also donate all I race winnings to this foundation.” – Jeff Paul

*Students do not apply for Scholarship, but are selected*

Criteria for Scholarship:
• Be a graduating senior of PVHS with a minimum gpa of 2.0
• Pursue a vocational or a two-year college degree
• Has a good work ethic
• Has demonstrated good character while at PVHS

Past Scholarship Recipients:

2020    Bianca Tuegel
2019     Erika Seitz
2018     Alexander Mulvania
2017     Teleah Thomas
2016     Bryanna Rigg
2015     Jaren Schoustra