Janet E. Keady Memorial Scholarship

Janet Keady was the mother of four Pleasant Valley High School graduates.  As a parent, she was a great proponent of our school and proud of our academic reputation.  Mrs. Keady wanted to help deserving students with strong scholastic accomplishments and financial need by creating a scholarship for use in public postsecondary education.  Her belief that financial need not be a deterrent for a bright, hardworking student’s college aspirations was a driving force in creating her memorial scholarship.  Janet Keady lived a very short life after a courageous battle with cancer, but has had a long-lasting impact on the many lives her scholarship has touched.

Criteria to Apply:

  • Be a graduating senior of PVHS
  • Submit a transcript of credits reflecting seven semesters of work
  • Plan to attend a college or vocational school upon graduation
  • A personal interview will be required of finalists
  • Selection will be based on academic accomplishment, participation in extra-curricular activities, and demonstrated financial need
  • This scholarship is designated for students who plan to attend those schools whose costs are in line with/or less than the regents institutions in Iowa.

Scholarship Personal Statement/Essay:

  • Elements to Include in Application
    • Father’s name
    • Occupation
    • Annual gross income
    • Mother’s name
    • Occupation
    • Annual gross income
    • Cost (per year) Tuition Room and Board:
    • Financial aid recieved:
    • Scholarships:
    • Grants:
    • Guaranteed student loans:
    • Work study:
    • Parent Contribution (from savings,current income, etc.):
    • Student Contribution (from savings, loans,etc.):
  • Personal Statement on where you see yourself in the next 10 years and how this scholarship will help you achieve that:

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Previous Scholarship Winners:

2021     Rylee Bales
2017     Mark Conway
2016     Cole Finnegan
2015     Jessalyn Kehrberg
2014     Bharabi Pandit
2013     Rhianna Smith
2012     Samantha Swanson
2012     Haley Roethler
2011      Natalie Martin
2010     Kaitlin Pewe
2009    Heather Swanson
2008    Andrea Gerke
2007    Scott Sly
2006    Jessica Zimmer
2006    Amber Kraciun
2005    Isaiah Klavitter
2004    Kristin Thompson
2003    David Menees
2002    Carrie Claussen
2001     Elizabeth Bicknell
2000    Philip Grothus
1999     Adrianne Blackmon
1998     Maria Medina
1997     Theresa Grothus
1996     Chad Holst
1995     Megan Gerst
1994     Nichole Boehl
1993     Jerry Vesey
1992     Elizabeth Kendrick
1991      Kristin Davis
1990     Angela Corson