Performing and Visual Arts Achievement

The Pleasant Valley Instrumental Music Department offers several concert band and orchestra ensembles, small and large, as well as the largest high school marching band in Iowa. Each year, the PVHS instrumental program sends a large group of students to the All-State Festival, as well as additional honor bands and orchestras across the state and country. The goal of the PVCSD Instrumental Department is to foster a life-long appreciation of music and to provide a place where all students are welcome.

The Pleasant Valley Vocal Department offers more than a dozen ensemble opportunities for our students and has just sent a record number of students to the All-State Festival. The department also offers a two-year sequence in Music Theory, including AP Music Theory.

The Pleasant Valley Art Department offers 11 courses, including drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, computer graphic design and AP Studio Art. The art program provides a framework for the acquisition and development of skills and knowledge related to understanding, creating, and responding to art. In addition, students have the opportunity to develop an appreciation of art relating its understanding to various cultures, time periods, historical events, and accomplished artists.

The Pleasant Valley Drama Department offers four courses focusing on the theater arts. The Department also produces six performances a year, including a full scale musical, student directed plays, and children’s theater.

This scholarship is one of 12 scholarships awarded and financed solely by the Pleasant Valley Educational Foundation, which raises funds through several events throughout the year.  This scholarship honors a student who has excelled in this field of study. The awardee is chosen by the faculty of the instrumental music, vocal music, art, and drama Each awardee will demonstrate the following:
1. Needs to be well prepared by their K-12 experiences and to pursue some form of postsecondary education to expand and refine their skills and background
2. Academic Preparation – the ability to reason, solve problems, apply knowledge, and communicate effectively
3. Interpersonal Skills – the ability to work effectively with others
4. Professional Behaviors – responsibility and dependability
5. Community Mindedness – a commitment to being involved

Criteria to Apply:

  • The faculty of instrumental music, vocal music, art, and drama will select the senior applicant who best exemplifies the characteristics of the New Leaders’  Scholarship Program.
  • Plan to attend a college or vocational school upon graduation

Scholarship Personal Statement/Essay:

  • Describe Post-Secondary Plans: Discuss briefly in 50 words or less what you see yourself doing in 10 years.

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Past Scholarship Recipients

2021      Uma Kasichainula
2020     Anna Myatt
2019      Sarah Warner
2018      Bailey Connors
2017      Catherine Byrne
2016      Caitlin Lyon
2015      Abigail Kurth
2014      Tegan Hoover
2013      Emily Beilke
2012      Benjamin Lewis
2011       Laura Rodriguez
2010      Kathleen Walter
2009     Hannah Kurth
2008     Aisha Ragheb
2007     Katherine McGee
2006     Jeff Rice
2005     Amanda Hewitt
2004    Eric Swanson
2003    Noah Alvarado