Masonic Snow Lodge #44 Scholarship

Masonry is a charitable organization dedicated to strengthening a man’s character, improving his moral and spiritual outlook, and broadening his mental horizons. Masonry seeks to make good men better; not better than others, but better than themselves.  By example, a Mason extends the sphere of influence of moral values to his own community and nation. Masonry emphasizes personal responsibility for one’s own conduct. Masons become better men by the positive reinforcement of association with men of like mind the values of honesty, integrity, brotherly love, and the pursuit of truth. Masonry inspires men to stand firm against oppression, tyranny, fanaticism, usurpation of power, intolerance, and similar evils, from whatever source, that threaten our freedoms. One way that Masons, in their quiet way, fight against these evils is by supporting public education and offering scholarships for continuing education. Equal opportunity of education for all is a basic freedom Masons strenuously support. Throughout history Masons have done a great deal in the advancement of humanity and society at large.  This scholarship goes to that individual who best demonstrates not only academic achievement, but solid moral and social values.

Students do not apply – nominated by Administration/Counselors


Past Scholarship Recipients

2020    Cole Claussen
2019     Noah Meyer
2018     Ramya Banda
2017     Isaac Sears
2016     Vignesh Krishnan
2015     Andrew Hillman