Steven J. Vander Horn Memorial Scholarship

The Steven J. Vander Horn Endowed Scholarship was created per his wishes by his family to provide financial assistance to students wishing to pursue an Engineering Degree at Iowa State University.

Steve Vander Horn was born in Davenport, Iowa,in 1957. He attended Iowa State University where he graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. Following his graduation he began working for the United States Corps of Engineers on the Rock Island Arsenal retiring in June of 2004 after a 34-year career.

Throughout his career, Steve remained an avid Iowa State fan. His passions not only included civil engineering and the Mississippi River, but also watching his four children grow up and graduate from Pleasant Valley High School. His two sons both followed in his footsteps to become engineers, and two of his children (one son and one daughter) both graduated from Iowa State.

Steve passed away in 2005 after a three-year battle with cancer. He missed his crowning moment in 2006 when his youngest son graduated from Iowa State with a degree in engineering. He was smiling from above! Throughout his life, he always retained a positive attitude and appreciation of the things that really matter – family, love, happiness, honesty, and laughter. This only became more evident when he began fighting his illness. He remained strong, positive, loving, and happy. He was able to see the good in everyone and every situation. Everyone who encountered him became a better person just through knowing him.

It was Steve’s desire to assist other students at Pleasant Valley High School who wish to attend Iowa State and pursue a degree in Engineering. And for that, the Steven J. Vander Horn Endowed Scholarship was created through generous donations from his family and friends.

Criteria to Apply:

  •  Be a graduating senior of PVHS
  •  The desire and intention to seek an engineering degree at Iowa State University
  •  Proof of admission or an applicable grade point and ACT and/or SAT score that will permit admittance to Iowa State University
  •  A positive attitude on life and great work ethic
  • Submit a transcript of grades reflecting seven semesters of work

Scholarship Personal Statement/Essay:

  • In less than 250 words (1700 characters), please tell us why you've chosen your field of study.
  • In less than 250 words (1700 characters), please tell us what your plans are after your post-secondary education is complete.
  • In less than 250 words (1700 characters), please tell us about one of the following: your ability to problem solve, work with others, and/or your dedication to the community.
  • In less than 250 words (1700 characters), please tell us how you've overcome an obstacle.
  • In less than 250 words (1700 characters), please tell us anything else about yourself you think the selection committee would like to know.


*If you choose to attend an educational institution that does not meet the criteria for this scholarship, your scholarship may be revoked.

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Past Scholarship Recipients

2022      David Scranton
2021       Alex Melvin
2020     Craig Richard
2019      Rishab Verma
2018      Laura Brown
2017      Ryan Brohm
2016      Zachary Corrigan
2015      Gabriel Johnsen
2014      Sean Mullen
2013       Jesus Rasgado
2012      Katelynn Bell
2011       Joshua Andringa
2010      Andrew Healey
2009     Christopher Meadows
2008     Aaron Hewitt
2007     Zach Anderson-Clausen
2006     Erin Leibrandt