September 25 Survey Results

On Monday, September 28 after board and public discussion, the school board approved 7-0 to continue in the hybrid learning model through Friday, January 15, 2021.  During the discussion, the September 25 parent and staff survey data results were shared. 

Overall, the parent survey had an excellent return rate of 92% of parents responding.  

The questions and results are as follows:

If Pleasant Valley proceeds with a Hybrid learning model after October 26, I would participate in the hybrid learning model or attend online 100%: 86.08% would select the Hybrid learning model and 13.92% would select the 100% online learning model. Note the responses are also broken by grade bands to help guide future thinking.

If Pleasant Valley proceeds with a 100% onsite learning model after October 26, I would participate in 100% onsite learning or attend 100% online: 70.93% would select the 100% onsite learning model and 29.07% would select the 100% online learning model.

Please rank the following learning models with 1 being your preferred model and 3 being the least preferred model. The results from the rankings have been calculated by using the Condorcet criterion for electoral systems. For example, if a parent selected Online > Hybrid > Onsite then Online beats both Hybrid and Onsite in pairwise choices and Hybrid beats Onsite in pairwise choices. The following three charts demonstrate how the three ranked amongst each other. 

In this pairing, one can see how hybrid compared to online in the rankings.

In this pairing, one can see how 100% onsite compared to online in the rankings.

In this pairing, one can see how hybrid compared to onsite in the rankings.

The following teacher responses were also shared from their survey asking them to rank their preference between hybrid and 100% on-site learning. The question was...Please rank the following learning models with 1 being your preferred model and 2 being the least preferred model.  As you can see by the chart, 312 or 78.20% selected the hybrid models as the preferred model, and 87 or 21.80% selected 100% onsite as the preferred model.

Summary:  When analyzing this data, parents support having students in school either 100% on-site or in the hybrid model.  There is a 6.02% difference between those two models with the hybrid being slightly preferred based on the pairwise rankings (53.01% - hybrid compared to 46.99% - 100% onsite). The difference is with the number of parents who would select the online learning model if Pleasant Valley switched from hybrid to 100% on-site.  In the hybrid model, 13.92% or 659 students would learn 100% online whereas in the 100% on-site model it rises to 29.07% or 1,376 students online.  That more would double the number of online students. 

Update on Data Points:

  1. Positivity Rate: As of Sunday evening, the Scott County 14 day positivity rate is at 7.7% (goal is 5% or less)
  2. Daily Positive Cases: The number of positive cases on Wednesday, September 23rd was 18 (goal of 5 or less)
  3. PV Specific Numbers: After 5 weeks, Pleasant Valley has had 6 positive cases and 78 quarantined individuals (Please stay committed as this could change very easily)
  4. Surrounding Districts: When looking at other districts, Davenport was unable to provide complete district numbers at this time, Bettendorf had 11 positive cases and 123 quarantined individuals during the two-week span of September 14-25, and North Scott had 6 positive and 562 quarantined during their report outs on September 2nd, 9th and 16th (their site has not been updated since).
  5. Age-based Cases: Across our grade levels we have seen individuals at each level testing positive. 

For the first two data points, the Scott County Health Department updates PV on a weekly basis. For data points 3 and 4, PV follows CDC guidance for social distancing.  The CDC has continually stated that 6-foot distancing is ideal but must be least 3 feet apart. However, if social distancing is less than 6 feet, it does not comply with the contact exposure rule and individuals must be quarantined for 14 days.  Therefore, we continue to stress the 6-foot rule, wearing face coverings, handwashing, and cleaning as the keys to mitigating the transmission of COVID. 

We know that every learning model has successful outcomes and challenging situations which is why we continue to ground decisions in these goals: 

  1. High levels of learning for all students
  2. The health and safety of our students and staff
  3. Keeping our schools open  

The next steps will now consist of using the feedback from parents and teachers to make adjustments in the hybrid learning model and the 100% online learning model to help students, teachers, and parents. That can be from scheduling adjustments, instructional strategies, and solidifying consistent routines.