PVHS Celebrate Positivity in Winter Assembly

This week has been the first-ever Positivity Week at Pleasant Valley High School. Spartan Assembly, the high school's student council, organized the week with special days encouraging kindness. The week culminated in a special assembly honoring all of the great things Spartans did during first semester and honoring students from each grade level who were nominated by teachers.  Click the pictures below to enlarge!

FRESHMAN - Colin Parisot
Colin was nominated by Mrs. DeBaillie, Colin is described as a caring and hardworking student. He has the best interests of himself and his classmates in mind in everything he does as PV. Colin is honest and willing to help others when they need it.

SOPHOMORES - Clare Tinsman and Caleb Steward
Claire and Caleb were nominated each by 3 teachers. Clare is a dedicated, kind student who is always willing to help her classmates. Clare is a student who wishes her teacher to “have a good day” when leaving class. 

Caleb has similar qualities. Caleb is very polite and respectful towards his teachers and he also says goodbye after class is over.

JUNIOR - Zane Klaus
Zane has left a positive impact in the school, especially in his PE class. Zane was nominated by Mrs Wheeler.  She said he comes every day with a positive attitude and participates fully in class. Zane is very welcoming and tries to get all of his classmates involved, always encouraging others to do their best.

SENIOR - Senior Leila Assadi
Leila was nominated by Mrs. McDonald, Mrs. Wheeler, and Dr. Lundberg. Leila was  nominated for her work in A Positive Place and other school groups, including Spartan Assembly. Leila has shown a tremendous amount of leadership in all of her student activities. Lelia is always looking for ways to improve the culture at PVHS.