SCRA Grant Lets PV Elementary Students Track Health

Students Stretching

PV students use pedometers in their physical education classes to measure their fitness!  They help motivate the students because they can see immediate results and set goals. Thanks to an SCRA grant, all elementary students now have access to this wonderful tool. 

The goal of the Physical Education Department across the Pleasant Valley Community School District is to provide opportunities for students to be physically active, educated on the components of fitness, and be able to make healthy lifestyle choices when they leave our schools. Students who are physically active have better health physically, mentally, and socially. One of the core components of getting students active at school and staying active when they transcend into adulthood is motivation. One of the best motivators is intrinsic motivation. Once the students understand how their steps affect their physical health and have a measurable tool that gives them immediate feedback concerning their individual lives, they are motivated to be independent health advocates for themselves.

Check out the video below.  At the beginning, you can see the students pick up the pedometers and then use them while they play