How will food be served?

Food service staff will serve students all the meal options to limit touch exposure. There will continue to be several menu options even with these mitigation efforts in place.  Whenever possible, items will be prepackaged, including fresh fruit, vegetables, and utensils. 

Are students going to eat in the lunchroom?

Yes. If we are 100% back on site, the plan is for students to eat lunch as they normally would with the new serving precautions. If we come back under a hybrid model, each school has a plan which will allow for social distancing between students in the cafeteria.

NEW AUGUST 14: What is protocol for masks when students go to lunch? Where will the masks go?

Children will wear face coverings to and from the lunch room. Students have the option of folding a mask in half and placing it in their pocket. Some may choose to use a lanyard or other type of clip device or simply place it in their backpack. Elementary buildings will provide one clip for each elementary student to use if desired for recess or lunch. The mask can be folded in half on the clip and attached to clothing or waist band. These clips will remain at school to prevent them from being lost or forgotten.

NEW OCTOBER 30: Will meals be available for students who are learning online or at home in the hybrid model?

Meals will be available Monday through Friday 10:30am - 11:00pm at PVHS. Families must pick up the meals in the bus drop off area near the front of the high school. All lunches are free under a new program in which PV is participating.

To ensure a meal will be available for your student(s), you must sign up the week before you plan to pick up the meals.  You must do this every week.  We will send a link out every Friday in the weekly #SpartanNation enews. The form must be filled out by Monday at 6:00am for your family to receive meals for the week.

Menus will vary daily.

If you have any questions about this service, please reach out to PV's Food Service Director Andrea Mahler at

Will I be able to eat lunch with my student?

No. To encourage social distancing and to minimize outside exposure, families will not be allowed to eat lunch with their student.

Who do I contact if I need food assistance?

Our school counselors can direct you to programs based in our community.  This link has contact information for each counselor. Counselors have also set up web pages with a vast number of resources.

Elementary counseling website

PVJH counseling website

PVHS counseling website

The United Way offers a resource by phone at 211. Ask for programs to fit your needs.

The Iowa Department of Human Services is also releasing new funds for families in need of food assistance. Click here for more information.