Bringing the Farm to Bridgeview

In a normal year, Bridgeview Kindergartners take a field trip to a working farm.  But, we all know this year isn’t a normal year – so the teacher brought the farm to the kids instead! 

Students took a make-believe bus ride around the school and back into their classroom – which turned into a farm (thanks to a little imagination!).  Students watched a quick video about a dairy farm.  They learned how cows are milk and how that milk ends up at the grocery store.  Then, each kid got to “milk” Betsy the cow.  It might have just been a glove filled with water and flour, but when you put your mind to it – anything is possible! At the end of the lesson, the students received a pumpkin to take home just like they do during the normal field trip.  Certainly some creative thinking by teachers and staff!

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