Celebrate 2-22-22 by Helping Others!

Cody Supports Mental Health

At Cody School, we choose to be responsible, respectful and safe. Our students make this pledge every day.  We have an opportunity for Cody students to live the Cody pledge by helping fellow students!

In recent months, we’ve discovered a need for additional funding to help ALL students access the mental health supports at Cody.  We’re hoping you can help!  From February 14 to February 17, we’ll be collecting donations to support:

  • School-based therapy for students whose family’s insurance doesn’t cover the cost.
  • Workbooks for students to track their progress.
  • Journals
  • Crisis screening payment when a crisis deems it necessary for a student to be seen by our school-based therapist (Emergency cases)
  • Transportation to therapy appointments over the summer

We’re asking you to send two of any denomination of money - like two quarters, two pennies, two dollars, two five-dollar bills - to school during the week of February 14.  Our goal is for every classroom to raise $100.  

We know we can do it!  So, we’re already planning a celebration!  On 2/22/22, we encourage all students and staff to wear a tutu, tie, and/or tiara, and we’ll have a dance party in the halls at 2:22pm!

Let’s support each other by being responsible, respectful and safe!