PV Engineering Class Takes On the Trebuchet

Congratulations to our students in PVHS's Engineering Problems class.  They've been designing and building trebuchets for the annual Quad City Engineering and Science Council competition.  Students were challenged to toss an egg at three different targets - one 75 feet away, one 100 and one 125 feet.  Students drew up designs and built models before tackling the final build!  Three of our teams won awards!

2nd Place -Team Floating Grant - Alex Melvin, Kole Sommer, Corwin Puryk

3rd Place - Team Housman Inc. - Ryan Vance, Camryn Woods, Luke Vonderhaar

Most Innovative Design - Team Daniel - Jaitrai Ajgaonkar, Carter Dougherty, Jayden Fairweather, Keval Wagher

Congratulations to all!