PVHS Finals

Finals:  Semester Finals are Wednesday, Jan. 12. - Friday, Jan. 14.

A few items to note: 

·  All students are required to attend all courses for the entire Finals period. Attendance will be taken. All classes will be given a Final or course-related activity. If your student says they don't have to be there for the Final in any of their classes, that statement is not accurate. Contact their teachers or administration if you have questions. 

·  There is no 8th period Resource during the 8th period testing time (Thur. 1/13 2:00-3:30pm) only academic classes. 

·  There will be Open Campus on Finals days. Students are not required to be here during times in which they don't have finals. Entry to the building will be through the Main Office between 8:10 and 3:30, with the exception being lunchtime, in which staff will supervise W1, S7, and E6 entrances during this time. 

·  If students do not arrive for their Finals on time, they will need to make up the final Friday afternoon. Makeups are from 12:30-3:00. If an absence is unexcused, the test must be made up Friday afternoon.

·  Any Finals not taken will be marked "M" and show up on Infinite Campus as a "0" until it is made up. Excused absence makeups will take place Jan. 17-Jan. 21 from 2:45-4:15. 

·  Resource times at the beginning of each day are for students to study with their teachers, with peers, or individually. Students may use the Commons, the Cafeteria, or classrooms during this time. 

·  During finals, all students in the building must be in the Gym (activities if they choose), Commons, or Cafeteria. 

·  The building will be open normal times. Students may use not testing times, including Resources, to take missing assessments from courses (not Finals.) Please check in with the Counseling Office. 

·  No Finals are given in any Wellness course (Weight Training, PE, Health, Lifeguarding, Sports Med).


Wednesday, January 12 Thursday, January 13th Friday, January 14th
Resource 8:10-9:40am Resource 8:10-9:40am Resource 8:10-8:45am
5th Period 9:50-11:20am 1st Period 9:50-11:20am 3rd Period 8:50-10:20am
6th Period 12:20-1:50pm 2nd Period 12:20-1:50pm 4th Period 10:30am-12:00pm
7th Period 2:00-3:30pm 8th Period  2:00-3:30pm Makeups 12:00-3:00pm