PVJH 2nd Semester Changes

As you may recall, back in November we stated we would assess the health of our district prior to the start of the second term with the hopes of returning to 100% in-person learning for the 4th quarter. As we were preparing for the second semester last week, the Governor shared she was asking the Iowa Legislature to present a bill that would require students to return 100% back to the building. With this new development, we needed to make new scheduling decisions. 

We anticipate that families will still be able to choose 100% online learning. Note the following items when choosing the 100% online option.

There will no longer be dedicated online teachers in this schedule.

Online students will increasingly be required to attend live learning sessions during their scheduled periods as determined by their teacher.

While in hybrid, students will be attending approximately 2 live learning sessions per week, but once the decision is made to attend 100% in person, the alternating hybrid schedule will end and online students will be expected to "zoom live" into each class as indicated on their schedule.