Program Goals

Social and Emotional Development:

  • Achieve sense of self-knowing oneself and relating to others
  • Take responsibility of self and others-follow rules and routines, show respect
  • Demonstrate pro-social behaviors- show empathy, share, take turns

Physical Development:

  • Achieve gross motor control- balance and stability, running, jumping, hopping, galloping, throwing, kicking
  • Achieve fine motor control- perform self help skills, manipulate scissors and writing tools

Cognitive Development:

  • Learning and problem solving- asking questions, making predictions
  • Thinking logically- recognize patterns, sort, count, classify
  • Representing and thinking symbolically- use objects in a unique way, pretend, explore

Language Development:

  • Listening and speaking- develop vocabulary, participate in and understand conversations, use language to solve problems
  • Reading and writing – understand purpose of print, letters, and words, gain knowledge of the alphabet, writing letters and words.