What is the design of the 50% hybrid learning model?

Students will be divided into A or B groups based on the last name of the primary parent/guardian listed in your parent portal. Siblings will attend school on the same day. 

A students will be on-site Monday, Wednesday, and every other Friday. 

B students will be on-site Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Friday.  

The following schedule will repeat every two weeks.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Every Friday will be an early dismissal:

PVHS 12:05pm
PVJH 12:55pm
Elementary 1:40pm


NEW OCTOBER 30: What is the A/B Friday schedule for 2nd Quarter/Term?

Click here for the calendar.


Is student participation required?

Yes. Unlike the spring of 2020, all learning PreK-12 is required. Attendance will be taken daily and grades will be given. Contact your principal with concerns.

Will standards change?

No. Teachers will continue to provide rigorous instruction based on the Iowa Core Standards in all three learning models.

How will my student be graded?

Because all learning will be required by the State of Iowa, students will receive grades. 

  • Elementary report cards will use Beginning (B), Progressing (P), Partial Mastery (PM) and Mastery (M).
  • Junior High and High School students will receive traditional letter grades.

What platform (learning management system) will my student use for online learning?

K-2 students will use SeeSaw and 3-12 students will use Google Classroom. There are a few exceptions to these foundational LMSs. Students enrolled in any college courses will be using Canvas, Level III Special Education students will use Unique Learning and High Students enrolled in Strength & Conditioning classes will use Team Builder for that course only.  Teachers will set up these classrooms at the beginning of the year to easily change from one model to another as public health status dictates. Each staff member is trained in best practices for implementing a Google or SeeSaw Classroom to ensure the best experience for parents and students.

NEW OCTOBER 30: My student is participating in the 100% online model.  What will be different for 2nd Quarter/Term?

Elementary: All 100% online learners will have a dedicated teacher. 

PVJH:  Several classes at PVJH will have a dedicated 100% online teacher.  In order to accomplish this, we are combining classes within the same period that have smaller numbers to ensure social distancing. Our goal was to create as many opportunities for this to occur, but also with the understanding that it is not possible for all classes.  For Hybrid students, this will mean that they would be switching to another content teacher within their same period.  For online students, this will mean that certain sections will be switching to the dedicated online teacher.  Unlike the new Elementary model, our online teachers will still be responsible for teaching in person learners in combination with their online students. 

What will the “Specials” schedule look like for elementary students?

Hybrid attendees will go to Art, Music and/or PE one each onsite attendance day. “Specials teachers” will become co-teachers in each 3-6 Google and K-2 Seesaw classroom. They will post videos and assignments for students working online and in the hybrid model. Elementary science teachers host a separate Google classroom for students in grades 3-6, and they will post videos and assignments for students working online and in the hybrid model.

Can my family choose a 100% online model?

Yes. We encourage students to participate in the hybrid model, but if your student needs to participate in 100% online learning for medical or other reasons, it is an option. Please indicate your preference in your timely response to the district’s attendance verification form.

UPDATED OCTOBER 30: How will attendance be taken?

Click here to see how attendance will be recorded if your student must isolate or quarantine due to COVID-19.   



  • The student was present for each of the live synchronous lessons in a day
  • Student is staying on pace with the class
  • There is evidence of work attempted/completed while at home


  • The student missed one or more live synchronous lessons in a day
  • There is little evidence of work attempted/completed while at home



  • Hybrid school days and home days are considered in pairs. A student needs to be present on the school attendance day to get participation"credit" on the home hybrid day.
  • Student staying on pace with the class
  • There is evidence of work attempted/completed while at home

UPDATED OCTOBER 30: If students need to be quarantined, how will they be educated?

Online learning will be provided to those who cannot come to school while quarantined.  PV curriculum will be offered and students will be graded as if they were in the classroom on a daily basis. Staff will set up online classrooms at the beginning of the year (SeeSaw K-2 and Google Classroom 3-12) so as to easily change from one model to another as public health status dictates. Each staff member is trained in best practices for implementing a Google and/or SeeSaw Classroom to ensure the best experience for parents and students.

Elementary students quarantined or isolated for 14 days or less will continue to receive instruction from their hybrid classroom teacher. Students will access resources through SeeSaw and Google Classroom. Hybrid teachers will do a live check in every other day with quarantined elementary students.

NEW OCTOBER 30: How will parent-teacher conferences work?

Elementary: Click here for information about conferences.

PVJH: JH Parent Teacher Conferences will be held virtually on Thursday, November 12th and Thursday, November 19th.  It is anticipated that the PTC link to sign up for conferences will be sent out on Monday, November 2nd.  Look for more information on how to sign up in eNews.

PVHS: Click here for information about PVHS conferences.

How will Pleasant Valley provide equitable education for each student?

The District is dedicated to providing thorough and appropriately rigorous educational opportunities for every student, whether on-site or on-line. All students are entitled to an opportunity for participation in any service provided by Pleasant Valley Community School District.

Students with Disabilities

Ensuring equitable learning opportunities to enable students with disabilities to progress in Iowa Academic Standards and social emotional learning continues to be the aim of IEP and 504 teams. The entire IEP team will make any decision about an individual child’s placement or services under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), Early ACCESS, or Section 504. The IEP team will review the specialized services and supports prescribed in the current IEP. Special education teachers will continue to collaborate with general education teachers to provide scaffolds, accommodations and modifications for students with disabilities. Special education teachers will communicate frequently with families to ensure student needs are being met in both the physical and virtual settings. 

English Language Learners

ELL teachers will continue to collaborate with mainstream teachers to build lesson supports for language learners in both physical and virtual environments. Teachers will work with students and families to ensure that basic, technical, and social emotional needs are met in the case of virtual learning being a necessity. 

What about Music Classes?

Pleasant Valley Community Schools will follow the National Federation of High Schools aerosol research. Band Choir and Orchestra rooms will establish a 6’ seating separation pattern towards the director. The exception to this rule is for trombones which require 9’ separation. Students in choir and orchestra are required to wear face masks. Band masks are currently being researched as they involve a more complicated slit design. Fabric bonnets will cover all brass instruments to reduce aerosol spread. Each musician will have their own sheet music and folder. Instrument retrieval/storage is currently being discussed to reduce large group gatherings. Additionally, we’re researching room air flow patterns to determine if UV germicidal mitigation is possible.

What about PE Classes?

Social distancing will be maintained by assigning students to small cohorts. Activities will be hosted in large spaces with physical activities that allow for social distancing.  Classes will be held outside when possible.  Equipment will be cleaned after use.

Elementary: Please click here for a full protocol for PE.

Secondary: Please click here for a full protocol for PE.

NEW OCTOBER 30: Will Service Learning hours at PVHS continue?

Class of 2022 – In response to the continued social distancing and the limited volunteer opportunities, particularly during this past Spring, we are adjusting the Fr/So service learning requirement to 15 hours for the Class of 2022 only.  If you are a current Junior who did not complete your Fr/So service learning requirement, you are required to only complete 15 hours for the Fr/So requirement.  If you have documented and submitted 15 hours for the Fr/So requirement, you will receive credit for that requirement.

Please check out the service learning website for additional details.

NEW OCTOBER 30: When will PVHS Finals be Administered?

Due to the hybrid learning model and an effort to not extend the number of school days impacted by semester exams, PVHS will not be holding Block Scheduling for Finals for 1st semester. The schedule will be the following:

Wed. Jan. 13- Hybrid A Day Attendance (1st-8th periods)

Thur. Jan. 14- Hybrid B Day Attendance (1st-8th periods)

Fri. Jan. 15- Finals/Test Makeup Day- (8:10-12:05) Students that have completed all required work/assessments do not have to attend. 

Any assessment given during this time will be able to be completed within a 45 minute class period. Teachers will be providing more information regarding any final assessments, projects, or presentations for their classes as we approach the end of the semester.

NEW OCTOBER 30: Will there be early dismissals on November 4 and December 2?

No.  Wednesday early dismissals are cancelled through January 15, 2021. Fridays will still be early dismissals.